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Most Popular on Digg: Pollution Stories That Got Down and Dirty

Photo by Will Andruschack. Alberta Oil & Gas Collateral Damage: She Can Light Her Water on Fire -- Imagine having your drinking water so badly polluted that you could light it on fire? Pretty terrible, but that's the reality for some. And, as you might expect, the gas company responsible says it isn't their fault. I'm sure their water is fine.

Paper Bags or Plastic Bags? Everything You Need to Know -- What's better: paper bags, plastic bags (or neither?). Obviously, a reusable bag is best for the environment, but do you know why? Here Collin gives a thorough overview of how plastic bags compare to paper bags.

Where Does all the Carbon Dioxide End Up?
-- It can't all be hiding under T. Boone Pickens' hat, can it? No, about a third of the carbon dioxide gets absorbed by carbon sinks like forests and soil and a big chunk goes into the atmosphere. However, there's still a lot unaccounted for, which is what this article tries to answer.

A Picture is Worth... The Alberta Tar Sands -- As Paul Kedrosky says, the Alberta Tar Sands are "Truly a scar on the face of planet". Google Earth made it easy to show that scar to the whole world in a stunning satellite image.

Israel Turns 2,000 Acre Trash Dump into One of World's Largest Parks -- While the ideal would be to not have thousands and thousands of acres of trash dumps around the world needing clean-up, this is a nicer result than not having a new 2,000 acre park and still having 2,000 acres of exposed trash. We'll call it a win.

Killer Smog Cloud Smothers Sunlight Across Asia -- Ahh! Alex in Beijing brought us this report of light being 10 - 25% dimmer in parts of China, a problem that could impact plant growth, decrease visibility resulting in car crashes and of course make breathing much more difficult and damaging to the lungs. Not cool.

Throw Energy Out the Window With Thermique Heated Glass -- Lloyd calls out this company for their idea of heating windows to reduce drafts, as opposed to doing some other things that require no electricity, like using drapes or heck, putting in smaller windows.

BBC on Safe Disposal of CFLs -- One of the biggest arguments against CFLs - maybe not the strongest, but often the loudest - is that they are harder to dispose of. That's why it's good getting the info out about proper disposal. Might be smarter just to go for LEDs at this point though.

China Launches Crackdown on Plastic Bags -- Allow me to push your competition button: If China can do it, why can't we? Cut your plastic usage, folks!

Most Popular on Digg: Design Stories That Clicked

Vertical (Diagonal?) Farm from Work AC in NYC -- Beautiful, highly-designed illustrations of what Vertical Farming could look like in urban NYC. Will certainly be interesting to see some of these designs as reality one day.

Brazil Announces Plan to Slow Amazon Deforestation by 70% -- Brazil is doing some good things to hopefully slow and stop the rate of deforestation, which is great to see. Unforchantly there is still more to do. This plan just slows, but doesn't stop the rainforest from being taken. Not good.

Argentine Scientist Designs Low-Cost Configurable Solar Roof -- This design uses water to convey heat from the sun to the rest of a house. While you might not think you'd want a small pond on your roof, this plan sounds like it could really cut down on energy usage. And it might just look cool too, who knows.

Solar-Powered Lamp Sticks to Window for Charging, Anywhere Else for Lighting -- Imagine a post-it style piece of film that sticks to your window, charges off the sun's energy and then can be stuck elsewhere for ambient lighting after dark. Awesome!

Wayback Machine 1934: Boxcar Living -- You've probably seen the shipping container housing here on TreeHugger and elsewhere, but it's not just a modern idea. Take a look at the picture of a boxcar community when the structures were made into houses.

Under Water City Proposed for Amsterdam -- A bit of a controversy here. Is it sustainable to dig up a cities canals in a risky construction technique just to put in parking and shopping?

Solar Tree Hits the Streets, and Passes the Test
-- This solar tree concept by Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove (basically a well-designed solar-powered street light) has undergone testing in Vienna with positive results and that the city is now deciding how many more to install.

Green at WIRED NextFest: Paper that Self-Erases After 24 Hours XEROX -- This is pretty cool. With something like 40% of the paper that is printed being discarded the same day, there's a lot of waste needing cleaned up. So, XEROX put on the ol thinking caps and came up with this incredible self-erasing paper.

Hybrid Merri-Go-Round Water Pump Saves Lives in Africa -- As Karin wrote about this story, "We imagine that kids everywhere are pretty much the same, that’s why we love the idea of PumpPlay, a children’s playground toy that pumps clean, safe water as they play." These make pumping the day's water fun, so kids can help their parents with a chore while also getting to play!

Nobel Prize In Physics For (Beautiful) Symmetry Breaking Discoveries -- Ever wonder how hydrogen and oxygen atoms are able to combine and form such beautiful designs as snowflakes? Well, that's what Yoichiro Nambu and Makoto Kobayashi have won the Nobel Prize for their studies on these complicated questions.

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