31 Most Popular Articles of October

size of africa compared to other countries map image

Image: Kai Krause, Public Domain/CC

This map showing the true size of Africa was our most popular post from October. I'm sure you can figure out that the other 30 are after the jump, so I'll just step away and let you and these awesome posts be alone for a little while. Enjoy.

1. The True Size and Importance of Africa (Map)

2. Old Military Planes Could Drop 900,000 Tree-Bombs a Day

3. Jaguar Unveils the C-X75 PHEV Supercar (With 4 Electric Motors and 2 Gas Micro-turbines)

4. Designer Creates Fake Rocks That Help Save Water

5. Steampunk Worthy Furniture Made From Naval Mines (Photos)

6. Gutsy Goats Caught Scaling Super-Steep Dam (Pics)

7. Finally Something To Do With Empty CD/DVD Spindles

8. Banksy Turns Kiddie Ride Into Anti-BP Statement

9. Stephen Colbert: Goats are Stealing Jobs and Destroying America! (Video)

10. World's Largest Single-Family Monster Home Built in India

11. Banksy's Simpsons Intro Shows Dark Side of Pop Culture

12. Fascinating New Species Found in Papua New Guinea

13. For Many People, The Stars Don't Come Out Any More

14. 5 DIY Halloween Costumes Made from Materials You Already Own

15. Junk Suitcases Transformed To Chairs, Typewriters To Lamps (Photos)

16. Hövding Helmet Is An Airbag For Your Head

17. Artful Jellyfish-like Bowls From Upcycled Plastic PET Bottles (Photos)

18. Father and Son Film Outer Space, Do-It-Yourself Style (Video)

19. Russian Woman Builds House of 5,000 Glass Bottles

20. The Amazing Forkless "Phantom Bike" by Olli Erkkila

21. 10 Green Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the Planet's Perils

22. White House Will Install Solar Panels After All, Huzzah! (UPDATED)

23. One Toilet Paper Company Decides to Ditch the Tube

24. 90-Year-Old Newspaper House Still Standing Strong

25. 407 Bicycle Solutions: The Very Versatile Velocipede

26. British Angler Catches an Elusive Giant Piranha

27. 7 Major Ways We're Digitizing Our World, And 3 Reasons We Still Want Hardcopies

28. New Study Says Young People Want Apartments, Not Houses; iPhones, Not Cars

29. It's Back! British Architect Builds Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Car

30. Germany's Problem: Too Much Solar Power

31. Landscape Architect's Office Fits In A Trailer, Follows His Work

Hope you found something interesting you hadn't seen before!

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