2007 According to Petz Scholtus: Lets Act Faster!


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Petz Scholtus, Barcelona, Spain

Being a TreeHugger writer surrounded by eco news and fashion, my glasses must have become slightly green-tinted. I sometimes forget that there are still people out there who don’t know what’s happening, or still don’t believe in global warming or worst, find excuses not to deal with it. I am lucky to be surrounded, at work and at home, by people who care and make a difference. However, I don’t feel very confident making predictions, so let me share my wishes with and for you.My hope for 2007 is that all (western) people will get it, and change. I think we are close and I wish the hippie preaching campaigns could stop so that we can get creative about this and act! Faster! I hope all designers will be inspired to design from cradle to cradle, all consumers will enjoy greener products and more people will cycle safely to work. I hope we will find a way to make responsible shopping easier, stop the greenwashing and get rid of plastic bags. And all of this should be fun and profitable. 2007 could also be the beginning of a transparent green where mainstream design is good design and good is ecological, without sacrificing any of the sexiness in design.

Happy 2007 to you all!