2007 According to Mairi Beautyman: Green is in Your Face

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by Mairi Beautyman, Berlin, Germany

Let's play with metaphors and say Green in 2006 was a strapping football player, a quarterback with a helluva arm. This guy got right up in your face, and breathing down your neck, he told you, "I'm not going anywhere." Then, suited up in threads including post- consumer plastic, shod with vegan cleats, he threw his fair-trade-certified recycled pigskin right out of town.What I mean to say is, in 2006, green went large scale. Major environmentally conscious undertakings came into fruition: From the Gold-certified Hearst Tower in New York to the availability of the Katrina Cottage at Loews to Wal-Mart's green business plan. Seems just about every day last year major corporations made green commitments and/or introduced green product lines and options.

Plus, thanks to TreeHugger and a fast-growing list of other publications, the information poured in. We learned daily more about our own, seemingly small scale decisions, from air travel to light bulbs.

In 2007, this will continue. The beauty—and the challenge—of this green revolution is how much is now out there. We will need to keep our wits about us, we will need to remain sharp and savvy to separate the real deal from the pretenders. We will need to weigh the pros and cons, and examine the facts from hundreds of different angles.

I'm lucky enough to be right in the trenches. In addition to working for TreeHugger, in a couple weeks, I will make my first Eco-tourism trip (at least the first called that) in Thailand. In the Spring, I will watch my mother build her prefab passive solar new home. My goal is to learn, and spread the word—since—isn't education the only weapon in this battle?

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