2007 According to Kenny Luna: Green Education


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Kenny Luna, North Babylon, NY, USA

To Dream In Green

If I can have just one wish fulfilled this holiday season, it is that 2007 be the year in which each of us here in America and across the globe becomes inspired to literally dream in green, and in the process inspire others to do the same as well. For me the year gone by was an amazing adventure, as I really first started to reach out and dream of the possibilities a greener future could hold for each of us. Ultimately what I found as I looked around my world and out from behind my desk at the kids in my 8th grade science classes in particular, was that the biggest reason we all have to dream in green is the future of our very own children. Regardless of our backgrounds or our beliefs, who we are or where we come from I believe that in some way each and every one of us has a connection to at least one child who makes our world a brighter place, and it is because of them that a green and sustainable future is one that we must fully embrace.

As my students and I launched our campaign called "Mr. Luna's Bright Idea!" to stop global warming this year, I came to truly appreciate the power that kids have to convey a message when they are inspired to do so . And the simply unbridled and enthusiastic optimism that kids can exhibit even in the face of one of the planets most daunting challenges is incredible. Essentially, as we launched this program my classroom became much like a giant Petri dish of positive ideas, shooting back and forth at the start of class or between periods as kids thought of new and innovative ways to reach out to still more people to tell them about our class project to ask Oprah to help us give every child in America just one CFL to stop global warming. Ultimately we were able to convince Home Depot to donate one for every child in our district, and while we continue to work hard to achieve our goal of reaching Oprah and giving every child in America a CFL, I think my students would agree with me when I say that the positive changes we have observed around us already as a result of what we've accomplished so far have made the effort completely worthwhile.

When I came to write for Treehugger not too long ago, I set out to uncover and investigate just what positive things other schools, teachers, parents and kids are doing to help make the world a greener and better place to live Some of the things I've encountered that others are doing have truly stuck out at me; like the group of 24 youths heading from 'Pole to Pole' beginning this coming spring to help create awareness of global warming and other environmental issues among young people across the globe, and the students at Parliament Place who are writing a book for other kids about the environment so they too can understand it, as well as programs like the Yellow Book Challenge in the UK which aims to educate kids about recycling while raising funds for the Woodland Trust at the same time Ultimately what I can say from my own experience is this; having lived it and breathed it for just over a year now, and having succeeded in inspiring my own students to try and change the world; if all of us can find ways to inspire our kids to dream in green the way both my students and the other kids mentioned above have been able to inspire those around them to dream, then a brighter and more sustainable future is most certainly within our grasp