2007 According to Karin Kloosterman: Butterflies in January


The other posts in this series can be found here. The first one with an explanation of what this is about is here.
Karin Kloosterman, Tel Aviv, Israel

The first week into 2007 I had a strange, lucid, dream. In it, I woke up to see newly emerged black butterflies circling around on the wooden floor of my parents' house in Newmarket, Ontario. Walking outside, the front yard was also covered with large black butterflies. They had left their cocoons overnight taking cues from nature that the unseasonably warm winter might mean spring decided to come early.Taking my camera to photograph butterflies in January- one of them started chasing me. The effects of global warming are here in Canada, I understood, while running inside, and then woke up to a daily forecast of a 6 degree C winter day. Later in the week, we hit a peak high of 13 degrees, about 20 degrees higher than normal for this time of the year in Ontario.

It is no wonder that dreams of butterflies in January have been entering my mind lately. I go out to the backyard and there are buds on the rosebushes. Earthworms, my dad shows me, are out of the ground; and my father's "working man's" radio station (AM640 in Toronto) is debating about whether global warming is fact or fiction.

This all had me thinking- if I could tap into the collective consciousness of humanity and drop in a New Year's resolution wish list for 2007, this is what it would be:

1. Attractive incentives for use of public transportation; biking to work
2. Make it fashionable and possible to plant vegetation everywhere- even on roofs of houses
3. Implement Hundertwasser's blueprints for highways and homes in suburban communities
4. Prohibit clear-cutting of forests everywhere
5. Prohibit builders of new communities from bulldozing the natural landscape
5. Genetically engineered meat products that taste like the real thing
6. Encourage conference calls to limit business trips
7. Development of global warming education seminars in developing nations

Most of all, I am hoping that more of us become more spiritual, less material (myself included) and that we share similar dreams in 2007.