2007 According to Jessica Root: The Green Bubble


The other posts in this series can be found here. The first one with an explanation of what this is about is here.
Jessica Root, Brooklyn, NY, USA

It took me a full year of living in Park Slope, Brooklyn to realize I was living in a progressive, green bubble. As I discovered more about my new neighborhood, I came to relish the fact that I live only a handful of blocks away from eco-boutiques Green Jeans and 3r Living, local, organic eatery Applewood and the Park Slope food co-op. I smiled so wide it hurt when I found out my neighborhood yoga studio participated in MoveOn.org's recent screening party of An Inconvenient Truth, and just a few days ago, my new landlord (without yet knowing that I work for TreeHugger) chatted my ear off about how she's moved to New York to get a degree in green architecture. That same day, a new neighborhood friend e-mailed me a link to his new website, greenbrooklyn.com. I thought to myself, "Finally, it's all happening."Little did I realize how big my "bubble" had become. Over the holidays, my Rush Limbaugh-loving, suburb-dwelling, conservative grandma (who, by the way, gets snarky when she's reminded I left corporate America for a position at Treehugger) gave me a bag of organic, fair trade coffee for Christmas and then told me to never use disposable diapers, if and when I have children.

"I mean, can you imagine all the diapers in the world piling up?" she said. It seemed my green bubble was scarcely a bubble at all. I predict that in 2007, I am going to hear much more from the same "least expected to go green" sources and I won't sound so shocked.