2007 According to Jeff McIntire-Strasburg: Mainstream Green


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Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Green Gets Even More Mainstream

While the growth of political and corporate "green consciousness" was an exciting development in 2006, the movement of sustainability into the popular mindset will likely be the grease the keeps this wheel rolling into 2007. From successful documentary films such as An Inconvenient Truth and Who Killed the Electric Car?, to the uptick of coverage in the mainstream press, to the incorporation of eco-consciousness into reality television, "green" moved out of niche status and into prime time. I believe this trend will accelerate in the new year, as both traditional and alternative media seem to recognize that green sells. The potential downside for this continued surge of interest and coverage lies in oversimplification: we've already seen how politicians and the media equate "renewable energy" with ethanol, and climate change with hot days in the summer. I believe that the role of the green web, thus, will become even more critical, as we address the subtleties and complexities of these issues. We'll continue to stay on top of the mainstream media's coverage, and expand and correct where necessary. Our jobs will become more demanding, as we'll need to address more popular coverage. But, we'll also find more content creators joining our ranks, just as they did in '06. The discussion will get wider; it will be up to us to ensure that it also stays accurate and timely. We'll also be in the best position to not only inform our readers, but move them to action. Whether through contests or calls to action, we'll be able to harness our ability to reach out quickly to keep concerned citizens moving forward and challenging their leaders to do the same.

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