2007 According to Hank Green: Small Groups Changing the World


The other posts in this series can be found here. The first one with an explanation of what this is about is here.
Hank Green, Missoula, Montana, USA

Small groups of people change the world. Usually, that kind of sentiment is spoken to activists and underdogs who don't know quite what they need to do to make that change happen. But the small groups of '07 are well informed and well funded. They're going to change the world and they're gonna do it fast.

Probably the most important small group in the world right now are the folks who are researching, funding, and publicizing green technology. 2006 showed us that people can and do care about the environment, and they will do what they can, within reason. Clean technologies will let people do their part without lowering their standard of living.These small groups are working on things like ultra-efficient micro-power plants for everyone, cheap and attractive solar panels, and innovative methods of storing power. These groups are in basements, at universities, and even hiding out in some of the world's biggest corporations. In 2007, they will change the world. It may at first seem mundane, a new type of light bulb, a long-lasting laptop. But soon we'll see the effects: a house that can power itself, a car that goes a hundred miles before it burns a drop of gas.

And, before long, these small groups will have met goals that governments and corporations long since wrote off as foolish musings. Right now, the venture capitalists and the activists agree. With the force of those two powers combined behind them, how could those small groups not change the world? Keep your eyes open, it's gonna be a fun year.