2007 According to George Spyros: Green Visual Media


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George Spyros, New York City, USA

2006 was a big year in green visual media. 2006 was the year the TreeHuggerTV team won one of the first-ever Vloggies. It was the year when Simran went on both the Martha Stewart and the Oprah shows. 2006 was the year that summer theater-goers couldn't escape the heat by going to see An Inconvenient Truth, but instead found comfort and relief in finally seeing the big eco-issues being projected onto the big screen.It was the summer of Who Killed the Electric Car and nighttime solar-powered cinema at Solar One. It was the year that Jim on NBC's The Office talked about riding his bike to work "because it's good for the environment." It was the year sustainability became a part of the plot.

But plot isn't story. It's the organizing of information into story. And I believe that 2007 will further demonstrate that we're in the midst of developing and sharing incredible stories that will sustain us for a long time to come. Like arctic ice, stories have for centuries retained and stored what wisdom our species has managed to attain. Without them, we may be smart with opposable thumbs and atomic bombs, but we stand far less chance of integrating mountains of information into wisdom and its active corollary compassion.

2006 was the year that moving gave me the opportunity to track down some wheatboard and finagle a small delivery of only two 100-pound sheets to my new Manhattan apartment. From it and renovation debris, I built a desk. At that desk, I watched the TreeHuggerTV pilot episode and responded to a post seeking videomakers. I was welcomed aboard. Shortly thereafter, I overheard someone negotiating with a designer about the materials to be used in a piece of furniture that she wanted to buy. I visually brought to life that story -- a story that lay behind many of the TreeHugger pages I had read: we green consumers making a difference simply by asking and acting for a change. I got to share that vox populi but also found myself listening-in on members of the ecorati. I got to share some of the tricks and treats I use for conserving energy in my new apartment but also was a part of taking the eco message to Martha and the MSM. What a year. What a desk.

2007 According to George Spyros: Green Visual Media
2006 was a big year in green visual media. 2006