A Whole Computer Inside an Altoids Tin (Video)

altoid computer guts image
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Image via YouTube screen grab

Granted, there seems to be no end to the cool things we can create from Altoids tins - cameras, emergency kits, solar powered gadget chargers. But an entire computer?! Yep, someone pulled it off. Time for famously portable netbooks to step aside? Check out this video and decide. Red Ferret points us to this eeeetty bitty computer stashed inside an Altoids tin. And it's really functional, built with an 8-core 80MHz CPU, a (whopping) 32K RAM, Ethernet port, video out, infrared controller sensor and speaker.

Best of all - it's a kit. You can actually make one yourself in an afternoon if you want, thanks to Think Geek. However, it would be extra cool, extra geeky, and extra green if you figure out how to do this from recycled computer parts.

Sure, you could use it to write code for a fun new game...or you could write the next climate science program that saves the world!