A Water-Wasting Shower Coach

Image: Waterpebble/Priestmangoode.

Here’s a nifty and affordable home water conservation device that’s been making the rounds the past few days. While by any means not a compulsory shower item — like a low-flow showerhead or, um, soap — it could certainly prove useful to those who habitually indulge in loooong, leisurely showers.

It’s called Waterpebble and it comes from Paul Priestman, director of U.K. design firm Priestmangoode. Here’s how it works: the first time you use Waterpebble, place it near the shower drain or wherever water will move around it, shower as usual, and this petite, round shower partner will memorize how long you last during your first go-around. During subsequent showers, Waterpebble will flash a series of “traffic” lights like in an, um, automatic carwash, alerting you to how long you’ve been in there (I certainly lose all concept of time and space while showering) and when you should get out.

water pebble water conservation device

A green light means that you’re free to keep on shampooing, shaving, singing Walking on Sunshine, or whatever you do in there; yellow means to start wrapping things up; red alerts you to get the heck on out. With each use, Waterpebble automatically shortens your shower time. The fully recyclable device can be reset which is good news for those worried that if after starting out at 10 minutes, four to six months later (the lifespan of the batteries) Waterpebble will trim your shower time down to something completely nutso like 30 seconds. Whatever the case, conservation of both H2O and cash is the goal behind using Waterpebble.

Would you buy something like Waterpebble or do you have other less gadget-y methods of practicing self-restraint when it comes to shower time?