A Letter From Chuck Leavell, Treehugger's New Editor-At-Large

Meet Treehugger's new ambassador, a rock 'n' roll tree man with an illustrious past.

Chuck Leavell sitting on a piano in the woods.

 Chuck Leavell

Hello to all our Treehugger Family.

I am Chuck Leavell, musician (pianist with Allman Brothers Band, the Rolling Stones, David Gilmour, and others), forester, and conservationist from Georgia. I was also co-founder of the website Mother Nature Network, recently integrated into Treehugger. I am very excited and pleased to announce that I am now officially a team member of Treehugger as editor-at-large and an ambassador for our Treehugger Family! 

My interest in the environment goes back decades. In 1981, my wife, Rose Lane Leavell, and I inherited around a thousand acres from Rose's grandmother. Knowing that it was family land that we wanted to keep – but not knowing exactly what to do with it – we researched options and decided to grow trees for long term sustainable forestry. We studied books on forestry, attended seminars, and eventually enrolled in a correspondence course to learn as much as we could about the subject. In 1999, after years of hard work, we were selected out of over 64,000 forestland owners as the Outstanding Tree Farm of the Year. Since then, we have acquired even more land, planted more trees, and have continuously improved our properties.

Whether on our own land or in the world at large, I never stop advocating for the environment – which is why I'm so happy to be here.

As I begin my role, I want to say thank you to our new parent company, Dotdash, and I look forward to contributing to Treehugger in multi-faceted ways. I have been a fan of Treehugger since its inception, and I consider this a very special opportunity.

So, stay tuned as I join this outstanding and talented group of writers, researchers, and folks who have a passion for environmental subject matter and for finding ways and doing things to improve our planet!

Thank you,

Chuck Leavell