A Greener Recycling Center

Waste Management runs landfills and recycling centers. (Photo: Clyde Robinson [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Waste Management operates landfills and recycling centers across the United States. The company is the largest recycler of CFLs in North America, operates the Greenopolis social network, and offers the Green Squad program to businesses to help reduce waste and energy use.

The company’s newest recycling center in Oregon has been built to LEED certification standards. While the building isn’t LEED certified, it used the standards set forth in the LEED checklist to reduce the building’s energy consumption. In a unique move, the roof of the building is translucent, allowing for natural light to spread throughout the building.

In addition to using eco-friendly design features during the building’s construction process, it also employs state-of-the-art recycling technology. “The recycling center will accept construction and demolition castoffs that, in the past, have ended up in landfills. It will collect, sort and reclaim these materials - concrete, asphalt, wood, and metals - for use in new ways.” Source: PR Newswire

So while the company also operates landfills in the region, this new recycling center will ensure that more waste products are diverted and recycled. The facility opened today and accepts waste from both commercial and residential customers.