A Flair for the Dramatic: The Big Three Automaker CEOs and Their Nine Hour Hybrid Drive to DC

This is not an accurate depiction of the automobile Big 3 CEOs on their way to Washington, D.C. (Photo: pjhpix/Shutterstock)


I thought this story was from the Onion when it first popped up on my radar: the Big 3 CEOs are driving hybrid cars from Michigan to Washington, D.C. to beg Congress for billions in bailout cash.

These are the same three CEOs who first flew into DC looking for a bailout in three private jets. They got called out on it by the press and members of Congress and their response, besides selling a few of the jets, is to make the purely symbolic drive to DC in a hybrid. Stupid pointless symbolism.

It's about 524 miles from Detroit to Washington, DC. Google Maps tells us it would take a little under 9 hours to make the drive. Throw in pit stops, fast food grabs, and parking time and you're looking at ten or eleven hours of travel , a full two days if they spend the night and drive back.

I'm sure it would be great for them to get away from the bone crushing stress of running a disaster of a company, but what GM, Ford, and Chrysler's employees and shareholders need now is someone with their hand on the rudder. They need someone in the office making things happen, not taking a personal day and wrapping it in a road trip.

Guys, next time just fly commercial. Go first class if you really need, but please drop the greenwashery, and just get'er done.