A Farewell to President Gore

What would an Al Gore presidency have looked like?. (Photo: JD Lasica [CC by 2.0]/Flickr)

I nearly loled all over myself when I read something in The Guardian yesterday morning titled "The change we need". The piece was written by a TA Frank from an alternate universe, the one where Bush wasn't able to steal the election in 2000. President Gore takes some heat in the column for showboating with a press conference after breaking up a terrorist ring conspiring to fly airplanes into buildings in 2001. His handling of Hurricane Katrina, where he totally evacuated New Orleans only to have the levees his administration fortified hold the surging waters back.

President Gore's firing of Alan Greenspan and installation of Paul Volcker cut off a promising housing boom and held the growth in GDP to a miserly 3%.

Yes, in that version of the multiverse, they are glad to see boring old reliable Gore ride into the sunset. Of course, they do have four years of a Cheney presidency coming up, so we could be the better off reality- we've taken our medicine and have eight years of Obamarama to soothe our wounds and get us back on track to being the most kickass nation on the planet.

Not ass kicking, kick ass. Huuge difference.

Go read the full article over at The Guardian, it's really good.