A Backyard Canine Commode

Poop, both of the human and animal variety, is a perennially hot topic here at MNN. It’s an inevitable subject matter because when Mother Nature calls, it helps to know how to handle brown in the greenest manner possible, whether while at home, in the wild, or, um, on the farm.

A few weeks back, I gave advice on burying Great Dane poop. Dog dookie ditch digging is a great way to keep feces-filled plastic doggy bags out of landfills but it should be performed with care. And not everyone has the time to selectively dig ditches in their backyards.

For dog owners overwhelmed by their pooch’s BM habits here’s a handy — albeit expensive — alternative: the PowerLoo from Greendog.

The PowerLoo is an actual in-ground toilet that is installed in your backyard and plumbed to sewer and water lines (set-up should be performed by a plumber unless you’re a super confident DIYer). The only part of the PowerLoo visible is the lid, available in six colors such as PowerLoo Green, Cooper Vein, and Luna Sandstone to "complement any landscape." After Champ does his business, all you have to do is drop it into the bowl a la carte or in a biodegradable waste bag and flush it away. Flushing, although not commonly practiced, is the most ecologically sound way to dispose of dog waste according to the EPA.

Available for pre-order for $1,000, the PowerLoo is decidedly for pet owners dealing with unwieldy amounts of dog poop. It’s also appropriate for dog parks, doggy daycares, and the like. The only catch with the PowerLoo, of course, is that you still have to pick up dog poop and flush it yourself. There's no getting around that soul-crushing part. That is, unless, you have an abnormally talented dog capable of squatting above the gizmo and flushing it with a swipe of a paw.

I’ll let the product do the talking itself in this informative video. Just try to keep a straight face ...

Via [TrendHunter]