Irregular Neon Fence Lights Up Parking Lot in Buenos Aires, Changes Fencing Perception

© Bulla Paisaje

Parking lots. Ugh. They take up city space for cars which are sitting idle all day long. You can place solar panels on them, design really pretty parking garages, and even force them to take bikes in, but I'm sorry: a space dedicated to hosting empty cars where a lush park could be placed will never be green. Period.

However, it will be a long time until we eradicate these things, and we have to live with them in the meantime. We have to live with their ugliness, that is.

Enter Argentine landscape studio Bulla Paisaje, which responded to the request of improving a parking lot in a fancy neighborhood of Buenos Aires by making it -at the very least- not an eye sore.

© Bulla Paisaje

© Bulla Paisaje

With a new design including a neon irregular iron fence, a creative shade-cloth setting and a perforated wall, they made the people walking around the place a bit happier. We were told a girl passing by voiced that she thought a dinosaur had eaten the missing parts of the fence. That's cute.

The neon structure is clearly the coolest part of the project, and it's also interesting to note how you can take something with a very negative connotation such as a fence, and turn it into an installation easier on the eye. Regular fences say, "Get out of here," while these ones seem to say, "Hey, we're taking care of this space, but come along."

© Bulla Paisaje

© Bulla Paisaje

Perhaps I'm stretching that a bit, but a new look on bars is especially interesting in a city where the growing trend is fencing parks. (Before you say anything, note that according to local newspaper Clarin, neighbors are actually happier with that: they think fences help keep them in better condition.)

I personally believe it would be better to educate people in taking care of parks than restricting their use, but again: until perfection comes, I'll take the dinosaur bitten neon fences.

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