GREEN DEETS 014: Greener Gadgets Hymini

We've discovered that a number of folks are quite let's say curious about the portable power bank universal adapter cum wind generator known as the Hymini. Despite its spelling, questions linger as to whether or not Hymini refers to anything female or sexual. And how exactly do you pronounce "Hymini?" On our recent journey to the Greener Gadgets conference, we got the answers to these burning questions and more. Watch the exclusive TreeHugger Hi-Definition video after the jump. » Greener Gadgets Hymini GREEN DEETS 014 on

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:: Height 5.4 inches (134mm)
:: Width 3.4 inches (87.5 mm)
:: Thick 1.3 inches (33.5mm)

:: 1200mA/h built in lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery
:: Up to 500 charge cycles

:: Minimum wind speed charging rate 9 mph
:: Maximum wind speed charging rate 40 mph (65kmh)

:: Attach up to four optional solar panels
:: Output current: adaptive 200mA~850mA (depending on devices)

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