TH Radio Special: Inside Tesla Motors (With Pics)

Like Angelina Jolie, the Tesla Roadster looks smaller in person. Notwithstanding all the hype and speed-geek obsession around the electric car, it is a stunning thing to behold; truly elegant. Tesla’s San Carlos engineering facility is where the masterpiece is crafted, and TreeHugger Radio got a nice deep look inside. VP of Marketing Darryl Siry gave us the latest on the delivery of the Roadster, the star-studded waiting list, and even let us snag some exclusive shots (below the jump). ::TreeHugger Radio

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Special thanks to Calabash Music for the soundtrack.

(The electric motor: "about the size of a pumpkin.")

(Bob Sexton, husband of Chelsea Sexton from Who Killed the Electric Car?)

(VP of Marketing, Darryl Siry.)

(Not pictured, secret battery assembly room.)

(The juicer.)

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