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  • camping on a raft photo

    Camping On the Water

    July 17, 5:46 AM by Bonnie Alter in Travel

    We love the idea of camping right on the water; so close you can reach over and dangle your fingers in it. These floating cabins fill the bill. Their base is a raft made from tree trunks, supported by barrels, which should make them fairly stable.

  • yellowstone-postcard.jpg

    What Is Killing Camping?

    July 16, 10:25 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    We have always blamed the decline in camping and interest in National parks on electronics, quoting the fifth-grader: "I like to play indoors better 'cause that's where all the electrical outlets are." The Economists disagrees, and suggests

  • whale watching

    Whale-Watching Report: Whales More Valuable Alive Than Dead

    July 14, 4:27 PM by Kimberley Mok in Travel

    Image: ichie on flickr From origami whale campaigns to Mr. Splashy Pants, it's pretty obvious that those big, intelligent and lovable cetaceans are massively popular. And according to a recent report focusing on the phenomenal growth of whale-watching

  • jordan eco tourism picture image

    Eco-Tourists In The Middle East Explore Jordan

    July 14, 8:00 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Travel

    If you are a safe traveler, then a European holiday is a safe bet. If you do have a taste for the exotic, traveling around the Middle East is full of surprises and intrigue. And eco-tourism is spreading through the Middle East. A typical journey (by

  • Coachella Express Train sideview

    Train to Coachella Music Festival Reduces Cars

    July 13, 6:25 PM by Kristin Underwood in Travel

    This years Coachella festival was the first of its kind with its own train and train station. To help reduce the carbon footprint of a 3-day music festival held in the desert, organizers found a way to make one giant carpool – that came in the form of

  • lebanon cedar eco-tourism

    Eco-Tourism Takes Root in Lebanon

    July 11, 8:03 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Travel

    Although we haven't traveled to Lebanon, we have had a Lebanese friend when touring through Syria. He told us that Lebanon was an advanced country and much different than the "time machine feeling" we were getting in Syria: It was 9 years ago, and the

  • The gigantic head of Richard Branson photo

    Renewable Energy Powered Eco-Resort Planned by Richard Branson

    July 3, 9:13 AM by Mat McDermott in Travel

    Whatever secret superpowered personal energy source Richard Branson has in that body of his, I want some of it. Not content with his myriad other business ventures, the Virgin Group chairman is set to stake his claim in another

  • yachona-food.jpg

    Yachana Lodge: Training Amazon Youth in Eco-tourism

    June 26, 6:21 PM by Eliza Barclay in Travel

    One of the more impressive winners of The Geotourism Challenge, a recent competition sponsored by Ashoka's Changemakers and National Geographic, was Yachana Foundation and Lodge, an education and sustainable development project for poor youth from the

  • green roof safari image

    Plan Your Vacation with Green Roof Safari

    June 26, 8:02 AM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    Here is a novel green vacation to add to your plans. Green Roof Safari offers a unique opportunity to learn about a diverse array of green roof projects in Germany and Switzerland. The Safari will visit at least three green

  • explore alberta photoe

    Explore Alberta's Latest Tourist Attraction: The Tar Sands Resort

    June 26, 8:00 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Alberta, Canada has long been known for its ski resorts and tourist attractions like the Calgary Stampede, so we are thrilled to report on its latest tourist attraction, the Alberta tar sands.

  • Ihilani Pool aerial view

    Marriott Hawaii Offers First Allergy-Free Guest Rooms

    June 8, 11:16 AM by Kristin Underwood in Travel

    We've all been to hotels with the "save water" cards that ask you to reuse your towels by hanging up and we feel good about doing something for the planet. Well the Marriott in Hawaii begged the question,

  • gumnut-awards.jpg

    Caravan and Camping Industry's Gumnut Awards

    April 30, 7:56 AM by Warren McLaren in Travel

    "The caravan and camping Industry in New South Wales realises that Australia has some big challenges ahead in order to reduce our eco-footprint. For this reason, environmental programs such as the Gumnut Awards have been developed to get the touring

  • israel%20valley%20treehugger%20bike%20wine.jpg

    Wine Tour On Wheels, With King David

    April 21, 10:15 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Travel

    Tourism is growing again in Israel and along with it the awareness of eco-tourism. Long-time residents or tourists to the Holy Land looking to travel a bit off the beaten path, should consider the one-week cycling and winery tour laid out by the

  • 01-lapa_rios_bungalow_b.jpg

    Carbon Neutral Vacations in Costa Rica

    April 10, 3:17 PM by Eliza Barclay in Travel

    The guilt-free, eco-friendly tropical vacation has finally arrived. NatureVacations, a travel agency that operates in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama, hopes to vanquish all of your treehuggerly shame about flying to Costa Rica to soak up some rays by

  • tabacon.jpg

    Costa Rica Leads Latin America in Certified Sustainable Tourism Industry

    January 14, 11:27 AM by Eliza Barclay in Travel

    As of October 2007, Costa Rica lead Latin America in certified sustainable tourism operations with 68 businesses certified by Certification for Sustainable Tourism, up from 51 in 2006. In all, Latin America now has 167 businesses certified by

  • WarmShowers1.jpg

    Round-the-World Bicyclists Stop in Berlin

    January 5, 1:15 PM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    Even if you offset the CO2 from your holiday caravan to Grandmas or flight to the islands, this report probably represents a guilt-threat level yellow. But if you want to be amazed at human tenacity and draw inspiration for what remains after peak oil,

  • Globe_Plane.jpg

    Airlines Flying Into The Offset Game

    December 20, 11:27 AM by A.K. Streeter in Travel

    Today came the possibly "too little, too late" news that airlines are to be included in the EU's system of CO2 permits trading...but not until 2012. Waiting four more years to add airlines to a possibly-flawed Euro system is hard to see as brilliant news

  • whitewater_rafting.jpg

    Eco-Tourism Index for Latin America

    December 13, 10:26 AM by Eliza Barclay in Travel

    As more hotels and tourism outfits realize the marketing potential of the eco brand, it's become harder to know what really constitutes bonafide eco-tourism. Fortunately the Rainforest Alliance has launched an Eco-Index Sustainable Tourism, which


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