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  • Trend: Philanthropic Travel

    March 13, 7:48 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Many kids in Europe take a "gap year" between high school and university; a lot of them do "voluntourism" involving hard labour and dodgy food, but come away enriched by the experience. Fast Company magazine discusses how those already enriched in other

  • Phnom Penh Restaurant Salvation for Street Kids

    March 7, 5:56 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Travel

    You can't help but notice the street kids in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Some of them, darting through the heavy traffic of tuk-tuks and motos on their hunt for crisp dollar bills, are so young they have yet to learn to talk. Other than scooping them off

  • The Greenest Ski Resorts

    March 5, 9:23 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    We have noted previously that skiing or boarding is not the greenest of sports, but it is one most concerned about global warming. Fast Company magazine has compiled a list of the 10 greenest ski resorts including usual suspects like Aspen but also

  • The "Zero-Carbon" Luxury Beach Resort

    February 9, 1:46 PM by Justin Thomas in Travel

    The Observer is reporting that the world's first 'zero-carbon' five-star resort is being developed by architects in London. The developers of the resort, due to open next year, claim it will have no negative environmental impact and each of its 35

  • Israelis Turn Backpackers Green In Nepal

    February 5, 9:35 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Travel

    Practically every Israeli after a two or three year stint in the army escapes the pressures of living in a small country surrounded by less than benevolent neighbours – to go backpacking somewhere else, anywhere else. You can find hordes of them

  • Escape Adventures: Carbon Neutral Outfitter

    February 1, 10:15 AM by Warren McLaren in Travel

    Words are easy, actions are harder. First the words: "Everything we do in our daily life either impacts the environment in a positive way or a negative way. It is as simple as that. At Escape Adventures, we understand this and take it very seriously.

  • Recycling becomes Upcycling at the Hotel Basico

    January 4, 4:53 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    A much funkier green than yesterday's Fairmont is Playa Del Carmen's Hotel Basico. It is a mix of recycled 50's industrial aesthetic and real recycled materials, like the rooftop pools made out of oil tanks and the cabanas made from the back of old

  • Cycling Rail Trails a Boost to Local Economies

    December 24, 7:01 AM by Warren McLaren in Travel

    Rail trails are based on disused railway lines being ripped up and their relatively level trackways being converted to recreational applications like walking or cycling. The idea really started to gather steam in the mid-eighties in the US, where these

  • Organic B&B; in Rome

    December 9, 3:27 PM by Erin Courtenay in Travel

    "Bed and Breakfast Bio," Rome's first eco B&B; opened this spring after the building was renovated using "only natural paints," including a pretty yellow paint tinted with turmeric. Breakfasts are vegetarian, completely organic and provide dairy and

  • Student Conservation Association: Rescuing National Parks

    December 9, 7:45 AM by John Laumer in Travel

    Back in September the New York Times covered the 50-year old Student Conservation Association (SCA), with the writer asking "Ever wonder who builds the stairs on hiking trails deep in the woods"? When this writer was very young his father

  • Top-Twenty Birds: Birder's World Feature

    December 7, 1:39 PM by John Laumer in Travel

    Last summer, Birder's World magazine asked readers to vote for the birds they most want to see. "In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Birder's World — the premier magazine for birdwatchers — suggests where and when to go to see each of the top 20

  • Wild Asia's Responsible Tourism Award Winner: Evason Phuket

    November 23, 8:47 AM by Collin Dunn in Travel

    With features like a solar thermal plant for hot water, an energy monitoring system with peak demand control and its own wastewater treatment plant, the Evason Phuket Resort is a vacation spot any TreeHugger would love. Nestled into Rawai Beach on the

  • Trees for Travelers

    November 14, 7:10 AM by Tim McGee in Travel

    Kaikoura, well known for their dolphin encounters and incredible seafood is also an eco-tourist hotspot on the South Island of New Zealand. In order to address the increasingly guilty feeling eco-travelers might have, Kaikoura has developed a way you

  • Trains Are Fun? Sexy, Even?

    November 13, 8:36 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Travel

    What's your favorite train tale? Or train-focused film? When researching an overnight journey from Paris to Rome I came across a convincing Night Train From Hell admonition. This especially got me: "There's a point in an adult's life when second

  • New York City: Sustainable City?

    October 19, 12:56 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Travel

    [This is a guest post by Steve Cohen, Executive Director of the Earth Institute and Director of the Master of Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

  • Carbon Offsets Now Available on the High Street

    October 7, 10:57 AM by Treehugger Interns in Travel

    Carbon offsets are by no means a magic bullet solution to climate change. We've covered both sides of the controversy surrounding this issue before, for example here and here. However, whichever side of the debate you fall on, there is no doubt that

  • Train Travel: European Destinations for Fall

    October 2, 7:01 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Travel

    What European train journeys do readers recommend for mid to late October? Last spring, friends and I forewent a quick Moscow/St. Petersburg flight in favor of the train. Now, the lighter footprint commitment has me fighting cheap EasyJet urges while

  • Bello Mundo: For Travellers, Not Tourists

    September 18, 7:50 AM by Jeff McIntire in Travel

    As big fans of eco-travel, we're always on the lookout for new sources of information on this quickly growing alternative to traditional tourism. So we were happy to hear from Joe Hayhow, the Co-founder/Director/Art Editor of Bello Mundo, a new online


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