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  • Carbon Offsets Now Available on the High Street

    October 7, 10:57 AM by Treehugger Interns in Travel

    Carbon offsets are by no means a magic bullet solution to climate change. We've covered both sides of the controversy surrounding this issue before, for example here and here. However, whichever side of the debate you fall on, there is no doubt that

  • Train Travel: European Destinations for Fall

    October 2, 7:01 AM by Kyeann Sayer in Travel

    What European train journeys do readers recommend for mid to late October? Last spring, friends and I forewent a quick Moscow/St. Petersburg flight in favor of the train. Now, the lighter footprint commitment has me fighting cheap EasyJet urges while

  • Bello Mundo: For Travellers, Not Tourists

    September 18, 7:50 AM by Jeff McIntire in Travel

    As big fans of eco-travel, we're always on the lookout for new sources of information on this quickly growing alternative to traditional tourism. So we were happy to hear from Joe Hayhow, the Co-founder/Director/Art Editor of Bello Mundo, a new online

  • Biodiesel Boat Tours In The San Juan Islands

    September 14, 1:10 PM by Erin Courtenay in Travel

    The same journey that had the new hubby and I cruising by the Andy Warhol exhibit in Jackson, WY took us up to the San Juan Islands of Washington state. While visiting the islands, we discovered the presence of several biodiesel-fueled charters and

  • How Eco is your Lodge?

    August 28, 7:44 AM by Bonnie Alter in Travel

    With the growing concern about responsible tourism, the development of ecolodges has been welcomed as a way to see the world without destroying it (see Treehugger). In many cases tourists are willingly paying higher prices for the privilege of

  • Scandic Hotel Chain Goes Green

    August 22, 11:23 AM by Treehugger Interns in Travel

    Many readers will probably be familiar with the feeling that they are taking their environmental concerns a little too far. I recently had this experience as I showed a friend some pictures of my recent vacation in Finland. Nestled amidst the images of

  • Tour Green Toronto: We Had No Idea

    August 19, 7:13 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    When we got the email from Leanne at Toronto's Green Tourism Association inviting us for a bike tour of downtown green attractions in Toronto, we thought right, that won't take long, how do you spell oxymoron? We could not have been more wrong. We

  • Smoothwater Eco-Lodge

    August 17, 7:16 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    150 years ago much of Ontario was covered with giant white pines ten stories tall; half of the men in the country would leave the farm every winter to chop them down and send them to England to become the backbone of the British navy. The few that are

  • Naturhotel Waldklause Offers Ecotourists Austrian Options

    August 12, 3:39 PM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    Imagine a hotel striving to set a new standard in ecological construction techniques, with a focus on giving their guests the healing and soothing experience of nature on their next holiday. A hotel built from wood, stone and glass with old-world

  • The Ethical Travel Guide

    August 1, 7:36 AM by Bonnie Alter in Travel

    Warning: reading this travel guide will induce reactions such as cringeing, shame and embarrassment. Side effects include making many readers look back in horror at the destinations of some of their holidays and activities once there. But it will

  • Zerofootprint: To Offset or Not Offset, That is the Question

    July 28, 12:30 AM by Ron Dembo, Guest Writer in Travel

    Flourishing UK holiday company TravelRepublic has gone one better

  • Seriously Getting Away From it All at Cree Village Ecolodge

    July 24, 7:17 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    You can't get much further away from it all than Moose Factory on James Bay. You take the Polar Bear Express to the end of the line and then take a boat across the river, to the lodge developed by the MoCreebec Council of the Cree Nation. Says the Star:

  • Travel Green with Lonely Planet

    July 20, 9:11 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Travel

    Oh Wanderlust! For those fellow restless, yet environmentally-conscious spirits out there, Lonely Planet has a book for you. Code Green: Experiences of A Lifetime is the publishing company's latest reference book, and it contains 82 trips they say

  • Casa Camper Hotel to Feel at Home in Barcelona

    July 18, 2:49 AM by Petz Scholtus in Travel

    If you’re ever coming to stay in Barcelona and need a place to stay, TreeHugger recommends Casa Camper, ‘a simple space with innovative solutions and a touch of Mediterranean humour’. Camper ingredients for a good life consist of comfortable shoes,

  • Enjoy the Ride: Website Promotes Overland Travel

    July 9, 2:55 AM by Treehugger Interns in Travel

    Treehugger has featured countless posts about the impact of air travel, and it does seem like this is a subject of growing importance amongst environmentally conscious consumers. Even rival travel guide publishers Lonely Planet and Rough Guides have

  • Qinghai-Tibet Rail Green Travel Guide

    July 9, 1:48 AM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    In 1980, 1,059 visitors journeyed to the "roof of the world". The number grew to 140,000 in 2002 and exploded to 1.22 million in 2004. With the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet railway last weekend, predictions put the number of visitors by 2010 at over

  • Ethical Escape — Travel Lightly

    June 29, 11:23 AM by Warren McLaren in Travel

    Ethical, ecologically sound holidays and eco-friendly holiday accommodation. Quite a tall order and not one easily filled. But this site will at least help you move in this direction. The world-wide accommodation section lists abodes like organic Bed

  • Looking for Green America by Bicycle

    June 27, 6:07 AM by Bonnie Alter in Travel

    "Netjetters" is the name of the contest, run by the Guardian, where the winners get a three month paid trip in return for writing a regular blog about their experiences for the paper. It is quite inter-active in that readers can send suggestions