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  • Eco-tourism in Zanzibar

    October 14, 10:44 AM by Eliza Barclay in Travel

    Zanziibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania known for its history as a key spice trading port, is still far off the beaten path of American tourists, but is increasingly on the radar of British, Italian and Spanish globetrotters. The tourism dollars

  • Arcosanti: "A Utopian Well in the Desert"

    September 17, 8:11 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Paolo Soleri has started building Arcosanti in 1970 and is still at it. However, after 37 years the utopian vision of Soleri, so radical at the time, has proven truly prescient. According to Chris Colin of the New York Times, With its radical

  • Oaxaca Boosts Eco-Tourism Sector

    September 13, 2:28 PM by Eliza Barclay in Travel

    The southern Mexican state of Oaxaca recently launched its first annual eco-tourism fair to promote the state's burgeoning array of eco-tourism options. Fourteen communities participated in the fair, showcasing projects that include eco-tourism,

  • City Running Tours: See the Town Carbon Free

    September 5, 12:36 PM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    "Ideal for the business traveler who is tired of on the hotel treadmill, the marathon

  • Porteños, Tell Us About Buenos Aires!

    August 28, 7:36 AM by Paula Alvarado in Travel

    Photo credit: Graham I. via Flickr. (This is a post from the TH City Series. Find the rest here) Ever since the 2001 economic crash, Buenos Aires has been blooming as one of the most exciting cities in the continent. Often talked about as South

  • Can a Fractional Be Green?

    August 20, 7:01 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    I have never understood the attraction of fractional ownership, the modern name for timeshares; they seem to be a way to get three times as much money out of buyers as you would if you sold the whole thing to one person, and I suspect that most of them

  • People of Sydney: Tell Us About Your City

    August 14, 8:31 AM by Warren McLaren in Travel

    Sydney is white Australia's birthplace, settled as a penal colony in 1788. Many of its first white inhabitants would be very surprised to learn that it is now often recognized as one of the world's top ten most liveable cities. Earlier this year it was

  • People of London: Tell Us About Your City

    August 7, 9:05 AM by Leonora Oppenheim in Travel

    It is a beautifully sunny day here in London, I am happy to say that summer has finally arrived on these shores. It feels like a good day to cycle along one of the many tow paths down by the River Thames or to take

  • Throw that Cell Phone Away. Win Prizes.

    July 29, 10:38 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Once there was a little paper company in Finland called Nokia. They started making plastic boots, and that didn't work out too well, and then decided to give mobile phones a shot. Soon, everyone in the country had one, and soon, everyone was having that

  • 400-million-year-old Garden to Bloom Under Desert Dome

    July 10, 10:29 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Travel

    Both a scientific wonder and a message about global warming, a new eco-destination is on the rise in a "parched and burning" desert in Saudi Arabia. On track to become the world's largest indoor garden, the King Abdullah International Gardens will

  • From Quarry to Ritzy: Songjiang Green Resort

    June 28, 3:00 PM by Sean Fisher in Travel

    A 37,237 sq ft (3,459 sq m) green roof covers the entirety of a new green resort under construction in Shanghai's Songjiang district, just southwest of China's most populous city. The hotel, built into a previously used 328 ft (100m) quarry, will

  • Eco-tourism meets Motel 6

    June 24, 10:23 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Sigh. Christine gets to write about Center Parcs hidden among the trees and we get to write about Motel 6. It is a challenge to put a roadside drive-n motel in the eco-travel category but behind that tacky awning is Accor's impressive "Earth Guest"

  • First Recreational Company Certified Eco by ISO14001

    June 23, 5:30 PM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    A tour of the accomodations at the Skotel, the "School Hotel" of the Hotel School, the Hague is a low-CO2 method to see a sampling of the best accomodations available at hotels around the world. Each guest room has been donated by a leading hotel

  • Summer Sights: Fathom Five Visitor Centre

    June 21, 9:23 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Fathom Five National Park in Tobermory, Ontario is under water and accessible only to glass bottomed boats and scuba divers with very thick neoprene suits- this ain't Ras Mohammed., so a very small proportion of visitors actually see the park. However

  • Summer Sights: The Duncan House

    June 16, 8:04 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Another summer site that is now open is the Duncan House, a Usonian design by Frank Lloyd Wright that was moved from Chicago to Polymath Park, a resort near Pittsburgh. Usonian houses were "ypically small, single story dwellings without a garage or

  • Responsible Tourism Awards 2007 Looking For Your Nominations

    June 8, 6:30 PM by Leonora Oppenheim in Travel

    The online eco-travel agency Responsible Travel has teamed up with Virgin Holidays to present the Responsible Tourism Awards for the fourth year in a row. They are now looking to you to nominate your favourite 'tourism ventures all over the world that

  • Sights on Bikes: The Best Way to see Toronto

    May 29, 11:13 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Toronto is not a bicyclist's paradise; The drivers resent you and the bumps, potholes and patches shake your teeth out. On the other hand, it is relatively flat and dense, and if you are touring rather than commuting there are many nice, relatively

  • SpaceShare: Less Cars, More Community

    May 18, 8:59 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    Online car sharing and pooling services have been around since there were people online; (TreeHugger here) SpaceShare is a bit different. It is database software for conferences or weddings, customized for the event. For instance, for a wedding, US$


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