Feet Don't Touch the Ground in Tokyo's Relaxing Hammock Cafe

Mahika Mano /Promo image

Tokyo is a city full of surprises. From a treehouse tucked away in a corner of Harajuku, to beekeeping in Ginza, it's a metropolis that manages to impress, mind-boggle and soothe -- all at the same time. For those who wish to swing and relax rather than sit, in the downtempo district of Kichijoji comes this awesomely chilled-out cafe that has hammocks instead of seats.

Mahika Mano /Promo image

Nothing's quite as TreeHugger-y as treehouses and hammocks -- especially when it's pulled off in a urban setting -- and Mahika Mano manages to do the hammock thing in one of the biggest cities in the world.

Mahika Mano/Promo image
Mahika Mano /Promo image

Patrons come in and are welcomed by a plethora of hammocks, and a selection of food and drink. Depending on how busy the cafe is, Oddity Central reports that lounging around is limited to 90 to 120 minutes only -- which is too bad but understandable if one is running a business.

Mahika Mano /Promo image

And of course there's a bit of a catch: the cafe also doubles as a showroom for Hammock 2000, a company that specializes in -- you guessed it -- hammocks. Sure, it's an ingenious marketing scheme, but there's no obligation to buy if you just want to sit in a hammock, relax and enjoy your drink.

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