6 Ways to See Endangered Species Without Endangering Them More

Image: courtesy of Sven Martin Photography

Some do it with photo trips, others on nature Safari. Cool types do it on scientific missions to the Antarctic. Teachers do it with turtles. Not greening their sex lives, but seeing the earth's rarest critters without further threatening these endangered species. What are the limits? We give you advice and options on how to enjoy the awesome beauty of nature -- in some cases without even leaving footprints behind.

1. Mountain Bike Safari

Image: courtesy of Sven Martin Photography

When you think "Safari in Africa," does the word "mountain bike" come to mind? Thanks to the Cape Epic Untamed African MTB Race, this low-impact, immersion mode of transportation is catching on even in this forbidding terrain. These images captured by ex-skateboarder and mountain biker turned professional photographer, Sven Martin, frame the event's true nature. South African Sven has also photographed mountain bike expeditions into the Mashatu Game Reserve. Remember: No need to go to Africa; there are endangered species in a national park near you too.

2. Volunteering for Adventure

Endangered turtles in Galapagos. Image: courtesy of Tui De Roy

Conservancy organizations reach out to leaders who can help educate others, solve problems, or simply lend a stiff back and some elbow grease to animal protection projects. If you have the talents these groups need, your exotic and life-changing volunteer experience may have you not only seeing strange sights, but saving suffering species.

3. See Nature Through a Lens

An endangered Eurasian Wolf, Canis lupus in Kuhmo, Finland. Photo courtesy of Wild Wonders of Europe Wild Wonders of Europe offers two options for appreciating threatened species. For most of us, it will suffice to see the fragile ecosystems of Europe through the lens and imagination of the project partners. If these photos awaken a lust for nature in you though, learn the secrets of professional nature photographers at the Wild Wonders of Europe Blog. Take only photos, leave only footprints.

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