The latest in tiny houses: Live in a billboard

Billboards are a blight. But they generate a serious amount of money for the owners of the land they sit on. The Gregory Project, by Slovakian firm DesignDevelop, has created a tiny triangular house on stilts that could be used as housing for the homeless. They tell designboom:

The proposal increases the functionality of the structures in a way that the insides could be turned into living spaces. Such an object would produce minimal maintenance costs, which could be paid through the rental space of its façade.

© DesignDevelop via Designboom

The units are actually quite lovely inside, with a loft bed you reach by alternating tread stairs, a tight bathroom and decent kitchen. While the location next to a highway isn't exactly prime, all the windows face away, and the advertising would generate enough revenue to subsidize the whole thing.

© DesignDevelop via Designboom

A drawback is that highways are not usually near the kind of services that the homeless need. However the single most important need is affordable housing. This isn't such a silly idea.

© DesignDevelop via Designboom

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This is not the first time we have shown inhabited billboards:

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