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  • Europe's Warmest Winter in 700 Years

    June 22, 12:07 PM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Clean Technology

    According to an article recently published in Geophysical Research Letters, the last fall/winter season was Europe's warmest in 700 years. In fact, the last time Europeans witnessed such unusually high temperatures was in 1289.

  • Survey: Winter Sports

    January 26, 12:00 PM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    A Salon article says: "Recently, the ski industry has gotten fired up about global warming. But as resorts continue to carve new runs through the forests, the industry's green image is looking like a snow job." It then looks at even the greenest of the

  • Winterize Your Home with Energy Star @ Home

    November 9, 8:29 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Earlier this year, when air conditioners dominated interior climate control, we introduced the Energy Star @ home interactive tool to help increase the energy efficiency and reduce the energy costs in your home. Now that radiators, heaters and