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  • SEE Toys Taps Into Local, Renewable Energy Source: Kids Everywhere

    August 15, 9:11 AM by Kenny Luna in Culture

    Ever wondered what to do with the endless amount of energy your child seems to possess at all the wrong times? Well, how about considering a new line of toys that uses an LED and has batteries that are constantly recharged by your own child's

  • Toys, China, Prices, And Burnett On CNBC

    August 14, 8:58 AM by Kenny Luna in Corporate Responsibility

    When news came yesterday that Cheung Shu-hung, a co-owner of the Lee Der Industrial Corporation responsible for the lead contamination of approximately 1.5 million toys that recently had to be recalled by Mattel committed suicide at one of his

  • Company Sits on Information about Lead for Five Years

    August 9, 11:10 AM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    Thomas the Tank Engine probably wasn't a very good role model anyways, burning coal and spewing CO2 and mercury, and his licensees certainly were not too concerned about it either. Kenny noted recently that many Chinese-made Thomas & Friends products

  • Bioplastic Toys for Bringing Up Baby Right and Just Maybe Less Obese

    August 1, 3:40 PM by George Spyros in Culture

    Yet again classic designs go green. This time in the form of bioplastic toys for the kiddies, brought to you by Green Toys. And just in time for fellow TreeHugger Kenny who's son Robert was born the other day. Due to be a father myself later this

  • Downloadable designs: Flying Pig

    July 9, 10:19 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Here is a great example of the downloadable designs we go on about; who knew they could be so complicated and have moving parts? Perfect for all your Creationist friends and the historically challenged.

  • How to Go Green: Kids' Toys

    May 26, 9:15 AM by Sean Fisher in HTGG

    It's a little cliché but true nonetheless, your children and your children's children will inherit the world that we create today. So, the stuff we give them shouldn't make life any harder on them in the future. If that alone isn't enough, how about

  • Cotton Monsters

    May 23, 10:27 AM by Kathreen Ricketson in Culture

    Kids need toys, one or two anyway. Many studies show that when kids play, they are actually learning, we are not talking about 'educational toys', but soft cuddly toys too. Using dolls and monsters and other plush toys help children to use their

  • Solar, Wind & Gardening Toys by Imaginarium

    May 8, 7:16 AM by Petz Scholtus in Sustainable Product Design

    The 3 Rs of eco design have become an inspiring concept for designers. There’s 3R Living, the R3project, the R4House and the Spanish toy company Imaginarium who have created their latest products around Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Imaginarium are the

  • The Quirky Handmade Toys of Jess Hutchison

    May 2, 11:35 AM by Kathreen Ricketson in Sustainable Product Design

    If you are going to buy toys for your kids or friends kids, and you will, then instead of purchasing nasty generic mass produced acrylic or plastic toys, you should choose something from an indie toy maker. Yes thats right, handmade toys are huge right

  • Teach Them Young: Solar Toys

    March 30, 8:11 AM by Bonnie Alter in Solar Technology

    There was an old song, "they've got to be taught, before it's too late", about teaching children to " hate all the people your relatives hate"...but we aren't advocating that aspect. Instead, teach them the principles of a wind generator and how solar

  • Terry Towel Toys

    March 9, 8:54 AM by Bonnie Alter in Culture

    They are so cute--who can resist these stuffed polar bears, elephants, and rabbits--all made of recycled towels. Andreas Linzner has been fascinated with fabric, particularly with terry cloth, since his youth. He haunted flea-markets for the best

  • Soft Toy Awards

    February 17, 8:18 AM by Kathreen Ricketson in Culture

    When coming across the softie awards, we were blown away by some the original handmade soft toys out there. Wow. What is going on? Could it be that people are sick of the crappy made-in-China plastic toys that break

  • H-Racer: The Perfect Gift For Kids Of Any Age

    February 16, 11:19 AM by Kenny Luna in Culture

    Need a birthday gift for the kid of any age who already got everything they wanted for the holidays? Well how about the H-racer; so far the smallest fuel cell car in existence anywhere in the world, and chosen as one of Time magazines best inventions

  • A Holy Cow & Friends from Natural Fashion

    February 1, 5:30 PM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    Natural Fashion do indeed have a range of fashion clothes for men, women and children, but it was their line of soft toys that seemed more photogenic. Like this cow, and what we assume to be an armadillo and a guanaco. The company's aim is to

  • Chemical Risk Management: San Francisco Style

    November 21, 7:22 AM by John Laumer in Corporate Responsibility

    From the San Francisco Chronical: - "Starting Dec. 1, a first-in-the-nation ban goes into effect in San Francisco, prohibiting the sale, distribution and manufacture of baby products containing any level of bisphenol A and certain levels of phthalates".


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