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    The Sustainable Wheel of Design by The David Report

    January 9, 7:34 AM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Product Design

    "A product could be defined as sustainable first when it consider all ingredients of the "sustainable wheel". We always have to extend sustainability beyond materials. We have to remember to always look through the lens of humanity when we are

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    Round-the-World Bicyclists Stop in Berlin

    January 5, 1:15 PM by Christine Lepisto in Travel

    Even if you offset the CO2 from your holiday caravan to Grandmas or flight to the islands, this report probably represents a guilt-threat level yellow. But if you want to be amazed at human tenacity and draw inspiration for what remains after peak oil,

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    Welcome to the Matrix in Stockholm Central Station

    January 4, 1:20 PM by Lloyd Alter in Renewable Energy

    Morpheus showed us how effective the human body is at generating energy; now the Swedes are making it happen. So many people pass through the Stockholm Central Station each day, moving quickly and generating heat, that they are going to capture it and

  • museum-in-box-mediumism-treehugger

    Museum in a Box

    December 17, 9:00 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    What do you do when you have a big traditional museum and you want to design a museum for small people? You build a museum within the museum.

  • Lucia.jpg

    "Living Lights" Could Be Greener

    December 13, 6:32 AM by A.K. Streeter in Green Food

    Today in Scandinavia it's Lucia Day - that strange but lovely, half-pagan ritual in which beautiful girls dressed in white nightgowns balance burning candles on their heads while they sing holiday songs. The boys gets to wear the nightgowns, too, as

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    Nary A "Very Good" In Climate Action

    December 12, 4:26 AM by A.K. Streeter in Corporate Responsibility

    Sadly, it seems that the biggest offenders in terms of global warming emissions also tend to be the worst laggards in terms of leadership and positive action. In Bali, it is Canada, Australia, the U.S. and Japan that thus far oppose binding targets for

  • Re-View_Videoconference.jpg

    Re-Viewing Videoconferencing

    December 7, 8:37 AM by A.K. Streeter in Gadgets

    We've both praised and bashed video- and webconferencing here at treehugger. The truth about how well it bridges the gap between a phone call and an in-person meeting is probably somewhere in-between.

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    A License To Eco-Drive

    November 28, 1:02 PM by A.K. Streeter in Cars

    Starting next week, all Swedes hoping to get a new driving license (a more intensive and expensive process than in the U.S.) will need to have learned how to "eco-drive." The principles of eco-driving are here. The Swedish Road Administration (SRA) says

  • Flying-Low-j001.jpg

    Flying Low And Slow Reduces Greenhouse Gases

    November 27, 11:06 AM by A.K. Streeter in Natural Sciences

    The debate over Sweden's CO2 burden from travel, especially international budget air travel, continues with some news: last week the Swedish state department became the first in Europe to promise that starting next year it would offset the CO2 from its

  • Samlaren2.jpg

    Walking Away From Haz Waste

    November 26, 12:09 PM by A.K. Streeter in Sustainable Product Design

    On a cold and windy November weekday there aren't any cars lined up at the new Kretsloppsparken (Waste Park) Alelyckan outside Gothenburg, even though there are four lanes available - a veritable expressway! - for vehicular drop-off of practically every

  • Swedx_LCD.png

    Just What We've Always Wanted - A Wooden TV

    November 21, 4:36 PM by A.K. Streeter in Sustainable Product Design

    The folks at Swedx, which we've written about here, are convinced that electronics encased in wood are a friendlier and more naturalistic way to enjoy the ubiquitous boxes in nearly every home. In time for the Christmas season they are selling the new

  • Bad_Busters.jpg

    A Good Globe Is Hard To Find

    November 20, 10:12 AM by A.K. Streeter in Corporate Responsibility

    A Swedish IT start-up is behind BadBuster, a new plug-in (currently only for Internet Explorer, soon for Firefox) that gives an environmental score to 650 of the largest multinational firms, in the form of a 1-100 number rating. Thus each time your

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    Talking Throw-Away Displays?

    November 16, 1:47 PM by A.K. Streeter in Sustainable Product Design

    Leaping right from from the possibilities of tree-free e-paper to the future uses of digital paper, here's Paper IV, a 'fourth generation' of interactive paper for use in packaging and displays. Paper IV is a layer of paperboard - which Sweden with its

  • ILiad_reader.jpg

    E-Paper Surpasses Dead Trees In Life-Cycle Test

    November 15, 1:37 PM by A.K. Streeter in Clean Technology

    We've written about e-paper here and while the idea seems nifty, it's hard not to think that improving online readers might be the best option rather than adding another electronic gadget to the overladen waste stream. But in a new study from the

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    Greenest Gift: GPS, Eco-Pig Or A Fizzy Water Maker?

    November 14, 12:04 PM by A.K. Streeter in Sustainable Product Design

    The winter season's first snow has started blanketing Scandinavia, and the shopping predictions are starting - the Swedish Retail Institute (Handelns Utredninginstitut or HUI in Swedish) is guessing that a hand-held global positioning system (GPS) will

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    Swedish Tourism Cold Comfort For Warming Globe

    November 13, 11:10 AM by A.K. Streeter in Natural Sciences

    The Swedish travel industry is woefully under-prepared for a changing climate, says researcher Stephen Gössling. Tourism to and from Sweden contributes 10 percent of the country's total measured CO2 emissions,

  • Bjorn_underwear.png

    World Peace Through Dirty Underwear

    November 12, 10:34 AM by A.K. Streeter in Corporate Responsibility

    Remember Björn Borg? The former world famous Swedish tennis star is busy in Europe selling a lot of expensive underwear. At first thought it may seem hard to understand exactly how buying overpriced knickers could be part of a treehugger lifestyle - but

  • Passat_Biogas.png

    Sweden's Green Car Explosion

    November 9, 3:22 PM by A.K. Streeter in Cars

    At this week's Clean Vehicles and Fuels conference in Stockholm, city officials released an updated survey showing that 50 percent of city residents would consider shopping for a "miljöbil" when they buy their next car. That's a huge increase from


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