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    Dopie Sandals are...

    July 25, 8:37 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Fashion

    Not sure about these... They are environmentally correct--made of recycled EVA and foam rubber by Terra Plana, one of treehugger's favourite ecological shoe makers. Minimalist in design, they are a combination of those indian sandals that used to

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    This Month in I.D. Magazine: July/August 2007 Annual Design Review

    July 17, 2:06 PM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    This month's I.D. magazine takes a curated, contemplative look at the best design (consumer products, graphics, packaging, environments, furniture, equipment, concepts and interactive) from the past year, and showcases some really interesting and

  • Soul%20of%20Africa.jpg

    Khulani Moccasins - the Soul of Africa

    June 28, 9:50 AM by Sami Grover in Sustainable Fashion

    Whether it’s fairtrade sneakers from Veja, or the ultra-funky, 99% recycled Worn Agains, we can’t help but get excited about ethical footwear. Now, on a visit to Terra Plana’s London store, we’ve come across another brand to enthuse about – the Khulani

  • timberlandsandals.jpg

    Improving Timberland's Eco Footwear

    June 15, 9:23 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Style

    Warren mentioned back in April that Timberland won a Green Award from Backpacker Magazine and, since we're familiar with the company, we thought we'd take a closer look at their newest line of shoes. We were excited upon their arrival since we

  • veja_-taua1.jpg

    The Veja Tauá: Fair Trade, Organic Sneaks

    May 17, 8:00 AM by Jacob Gordon in Sustainable Fashion

    Veja shoes are a pleasure to wear, exemplify responsible business, and more than a few of us at TreeHugger are proud to include them in our sidewalk-pounding arsenal. Based out of France, Vejas are made in Brazil of organic cotton, tree-tapped Amazonian

  • lake-oswego_keen.jpg

    Keen Bags From Keen Shoes

    May 8, 9:00 AM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Sustainable Fashion

    The waste-not-want-not philosophy has found a recent adherent in Keen Footwear, a Bay Area-turned-Portland manufacturer of outdoor sandals and trail shoes distinguished by its line of rubber-toed "hybrid" sandals. To divert waste from the company's shoe

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    DIY: Pimp Your Shoes

    April 21, 11:20 AM by Kathreen Ricketson in Sustainable Product Design

    Fixing up those old but still good shoes instead of throwing them away is great way to green your wardrobe. Given that shoes have become almost a throw away commodity, with many people owning more shoes than they actually wear, its a good idea to try

  • asicsftb.jpg

    Asics Fill the Box Design Competition

    April 13, 5:17 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Sustainable Product Design

    Change your footprint in a whole other way by taking part in Asics' search for the next hot shoe. Its Fill the Box design competition is seeking innovative footwear designs for future production. The prizes aren't shabby, either: Besides getting to

  • nike-considered-2007.jpg

    Nike Considered 2007: Take 'Em Outdoors

    January 25, 10:32 AM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Fashion

    Nike has unveiled two new designs for their 2007 Considered line of shoes (see our previous posts about them here and here, along with this post about the company's efforts to be more sustainable), which the company has integrated in to its All

  • sold%20separately.jpg

    Shoes that Separate Style and Structure

    January 22, 5:35 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Fashion

    Whether you love shoes or just have to own a couple of pairs in different colours or styles for different functions, they can take up a lot of space and breaking in new ones can hurt. Mark Klein thought about his and came up with an interesting idea:

  • th-picks-hipster-shoes.jpg

    TreeHugger Picks: Hip Feet on the Street

    May 12, 9:32 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    We TreeHuggers spend most days tied to our keyboards and laptops, so when we get a chance to head outside, we don't want to wear just anything to put our feet on the street. Here are some shoes to help us all release our inner hipster.

  • th-picks-cork.jpg

    TreeHugger Picks: Cork Does It All

    May 8, 10:47 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    TreeHugger likes cork, not just for its sustainable properties, but for its remarkable versatility. Check out all the applications in which cork can help us all be better TreeHuggers.


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