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  • Portland Area Fish Behaving Nervously

    May 9, 7:36 AM by John Laumer in Green Food

    Fair trade coffee won't help the poor nervous salmon settle down unless customers decide henceforth to join the pee-bucket brigade. 'Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey found Grande amounts of caffeine all over the bottom sediments of the

  • Salvaged and Recycled Building Materials Sources: SF - Seattle

    April 23, 3:21 PM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    As TreeHugger has noted time and again, second-hand and recycled materials are greener options than brand new ones in almost every case; if you can get it pre-loved (and save the raw materials required to create something new), we recommend it. For

  • Clever Cycles - Bikes for Living, Not Just Recreating

    April 16, 7:32 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    Funny how things merge and morph. In days of yore we told you about the :Bakfiets cargo from the Netherlands that can also transport kids around. And in the some month we highlighted the Stokemonkey assistance motor for Xtracycle. Last month the two

  • April 14th: Americans Demand Action on Climate Change

    April 8, 8:37 AM by Sami Grover in Culture

    The 14th of April will see over 1,261 planned events scheduled to occur across the US as part of the most widespread community action to date addressing the issue of global warming. The National Day of Climate Action has been initiated by "Step It Up

  • Video: The Rebuilding Center

    March 17, 3:39 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Sustainable Product Design

    Click To Play The Rebuilding Center, a non-profit run by volunteers in Portland, Oregon, takes what is considered waste by some and gives it a second life. "[It] opened to the public in 1998 and moved to a 24,000 square foot warehouse in 1999. By 2001,

  • Portland Youth Gets Schooled on Biodiesel

    March 14, 10:35 AM by Collin Dunn in Cars

    TreeHugger has seen youngsters do some pretty amazing stuff when it comes to cars and transportation. "Hot Rod" Brent Singleton built a gas/electric hybrid '32 Ford and has been busy racing Jaws Jr., his electric dragsters, both on the track and across

  • Streetcars Back on Rails in America

    January 15, 9:09 AM by Lloyd Alter in Cars

    Anyone who has seen "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" knows that streetcars were the victim of a conspiracy by a certain automobile company to promote automobile and bus sales by eliminating efficient rail transit. Others say

  • Now New Nau

    January 9, 5:08 PM by Warren McLaren in Natural Sciences

    First we noted the pending arrival of an outdoor clothing company with an environmentally and socially responsible focus. Then we ran a two part indepth interview on their business practices and aspirations. Well, the threads still aren’t on the

  • Living Room Theatres

    January 9, 8:02 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    I so want this to come to my city. Portland, Oregon's Living Room Theaters shows indie and foreign films in digital cinemas with comfy chairs and couches, not to mention decent food, wine and local beer. The film-maker founders wanted "to change

  • Nau and Again. Part Two of our Interview

    December 1, 8:45 AM by Warren McLaren in Natural Sciences

    Our interview continues, with the team at Nau, a new outdoor apparel company, chasing the goals of beauty, performance and sustainability. Today we delve more into their business practices. Visit here for the first installment, where Ian Yolles, with

  • Bicycle Winnebago — Exhibit A

    December 1, 8:13 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    Weird how things come at you in a rush. Almost in a day of each other, we've had two stories land in our in-tray, about folk making bicycle motor-homes. Lord knows how many more are out there, but let’s kick off with these. Exhibit A comes courtesy of

  • TreeHugger Picks: Readers' Take on Sustainable Cities

    November 29, 11:50 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Awhile back, we initiated a series of posts encouraging our readers from across the globe to tell us about their cities: the green good, bad and ugly of the city, including things like public transportation, suburban sprawl, air quality and other

  • Citysol: Celebrating Sustainability in the World's Greatest City [Updated]

    June 24, 2:41 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Culture

    [This is a guest post by Chris Neidl] To point out that the environmental imagination has gained a decidedly more urban muse in recent years is

  • TreeHugger Picks: City Guides

    May 17, 1:05 PM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Each city around the world lives TreeHugger a little bit differently. From books and maps to simple word of mouth, there are neverending ways and resources to keep it green. Here are just a few.

  • TreeHugger Picks: Car Sharing Services

    May 15, 1:55 PM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    The high price of gas has been a hot topic of late, and we suspect it will continue to heat up with summer temperatures and busy summer travel. We've mentioned some easy ways to bump up your mileage, chatted about some ways to reduce our collective


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