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  • Bottle Buildings

    October 25, 3:28 PM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    When we get tired of carrying all our wine bottles back to the store for deposit, we may just recycle them into a bottle building in the backyard. People have been doing it for years, another or those "architecture without architects" things that

  • City Bikes: Revolution or Redux? Who Cares!

    October 11, 8:52 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    Wired magazine reported that last month's Interbike 2007 in Las Vegas was dripping in new offerings for the burgeoning 'City Bike' category. "Fancy road and mountain bikes are clearly no longer king of the roost -- or road. It's the scads of

  • US Presidential Candidate From New Mexico Thirsty For Wisconsin Water

    October 7, 8:40 AM by John Laumer in Corporate Responsibility

    Maybe winning the Wisconsin presidential primary isn't so important for Bill Richardson? Nor might be Minnesota's, Michigan's, or Indiana's? At least that's the impression one might get from an on-record statement from US Presidential Candidate Bill

  • Breaking the 80mph Barrier - On a Bicycle

    September 12, 8:34 AM by Sami Grover in Bikes

    We love it when folks go out of their way to confound preconceptions about what can, and cannot, be done on a bicycle. We've already brought you a video of friends moving an entire house by bike, now we've found a report about speed-freak cyclists

  • Rethink Like Pinky Pink!

    July 31, 8:19 AM by Kenny Luna in Culture

    Asking school kids to reconsider the impact of their actions and "Rethink Like Pinky Pink" takes time, energy, and commitment. And with over 500 million ink & toner cartridges disposed of in landfills and incinerators every year, Pinky Pink's Ink

  • Trippin' the Green Fantastic: Looking for Green Inventors!

    July 12, 11:17 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Biodiesel homebrewers, hyper-recyclers and solar gadgeteers: take note! "Trippin' the Green Fantastic" is a new (not yet broadcasting) show on The Science Channel that is seeking out and spotlighting grassroots green inventors -- everyday folks who

  • Sustainability in Vegas: The Springs Preserve

    May 17, 3:26 PM by Celine Ruben in Natural Sciences

    Generally, the mention of Las Vegas conjures up notions of debauchery, artificiality and hedonism. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" it is said. In the midst of a financial boom, new housing developments — and adjacent strip malls - sprawl

  • 64MW Solar Installation About To Be Switched On!

    March 16, 10:36 AM by Justin Thomas in Solar Technology

    One of the world's largest solar installation is about to be switched on. The project is called Nevada Solar One, and it is projected to generate 64 megawatts, when it is operational. It covers 300 acres and contain 760 mirror arrays, each measuring

  • Escape Adventures: Carbon Neutral Outfitter

    February 1, 10:15 AM by Warren McLaren in Travel

    Words are easy, actions are harder. First the words: "Everything we do in our daily life either impacts the environment in a positive way or a negative way. It is as simple as that. At Escape Adventures, we understand this and take it very seriously.


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