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    Sorry, Out of Gas--Visited

    December 6, 5:13 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    What we learned today: way back in 1973 architects and community groups were building solar homes, using recycled materials and creating wind generators. What? They weren't just developed in response to the recent energy crisis? NO! There was a

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    RONA Gets on the Chair - the LCA Chair

    December 4, 12:00 PM by Jenna Watson in Corporate Responsibility

    RONA, the Canadian version of Home Depot, made an announcement this month that they are pairing up with the International Life Cycle Assessment Research Chair in Montreal. This means more integration of life

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    1973: Sorry, Out of Gas

    November 22, 10:49 AM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    In 1979, Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the roof of the White House to heat water and save energy; a few years later Ronald Reagan removed them, insisting that there was energy enough for all. Reagan then presided over the start of what

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    CYCLE 2007 - More than Cycling in Montreal

    October 12, 11:33 AM by Jenna Watson in Corporate Responsibility

    We’ve told you about the new LCA Chair at Montreal’s École Polytechnique Interuniversity Research Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services (CIRAIG) that was announced in May. Now this October 22-23 they are hosting CYCLE 2007 in

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    Montreal Wants Paris Style Bike-Sharing

    October 8, 7:38 PM by Sean Fisher in Bikes

    In a race to become the first major North American city to roll out a "self-serve" bike-sharing program, Montreal might have the upper hand. The city is planning a bike-sharing project that could make stations available by fall of 2008, and could

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    Nations Agree to Accelerated "Freeze and Phase Out" of Climate-Damaging Chemicals

    September 24, 5:13 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Natural Sciences

    Following mounting evidence that hydrochloroflurocarbons (HCFCs) contribute to global warming, the world's governments signed up to an accelerated freeze and phase-out of HCFCs under the 20-year-old Montreal Protocol. The U.N.

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    Flower Show on the St. Lawrence

    September 6, 8:37 AM by Bonnie Alter in Natural Sciences

    Back to Montreal to check out the second year of International Flora, Le Festival de Jardins de Montreal. Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, with crumbling grain elevators as the backdrop, it's a flower show with Quebec attitude. And a

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    One Year Ago in TH: Michael Crichton, Water, Crocs

    August 25, 8:49 AM by Collin Dunn in About TreeHugger

    A year ago today in TreeHugger, we took note of the winner of a book prize created by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists; here's a hint...it wasn't to anyone telling them to stop looking for oil. Meanwhile, a new voice piped up in the

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    Claire Morissette 1950-2007: "Joan of Arc on a Bicycle"

    August 14, 8:57 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bikes

    Claire Morisette was an impassioned cycling advocate in Montreal, fighting City Hall since 1976. She thought cars made no sense in an urban environment: "They take up all that space and leave me a little strip," she once told the Montreal Gazette. "They

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    Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky

    August 3, 12:51 PM by Lloyd Alter in Culture

    Bernard Rudofsky's 1964 Architecture without Architects was profoundly influential for a generation of designers. He noted that "vernacular architecture does not go through fashion cycles. It is nearly immutable, indeed, unimprovable, since it serves its

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    New LCA Chair Announced in Montreal

    May 11, 3:27 PM by Jenna Watson in Clean Technology

    On May 8th CIRAIG, Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique Interuniversity Research Centre for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services, announced the official launch of the International Industrial Chair in LCA methodology. The initial budget for the

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    No Frills Eco-Chic Hotel Coming to Montreal

    May 4, 8:41 AM by Lloyd Alter in Travel

    The trendiest hoteliers in Canada are the Groupe Germain, but they are high-end boutique and expensive. Now they have launched the cheap-chic Alt brand-"What we're launching today has been dubbed no-frills-chic, combining design, atmosphere and chic

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    Concrete Bench Heated By Warm Sewage

    May 4, 8:40 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    While we were covering Toronto's Ryerson graduates, Harry Wakefield of Mocoloco partied the night away at the University of Quebec Design Student show and sent us some very neat stuff. Shown above is Corinne Farmer and Clara Charbonneau's Béton Armé, a

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    Equilibrium Competition: Montreal Zero

    February 20, 8:21 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Sevag Pogharian's entry in the EQuilibrium competition is a single family house to be built in Hudson, Quebec. It is designed to "explore and incorporate, in an integrated and comprehensive manner, the following within the context of single-family,

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    Environment : Approaches for Tomorrow

    February 19, 8:31 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    The Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal, Quebec,has an extensive collection of architectural prints, drawings, photographs and archives as well as a changing exhibition schedule. The current show, Environment: Approaches for Tomorrow features

  • triplex_rendering.jpg

    Zero-Energy Condo Wins Equilibrium Competition

    February 14, 7:02 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Canada's CMHC has announced one of the winners of the EQuilibrium sustainable housing competition to develop a zero energy house design: Abondance Montréal, a consortium including some of the most experienced developers and architects of low energy

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    Moly Kulte is a Cult

    February 5, 9:40 AM by Bonnie Alter in Style

    Quebeckers have their own special sense of style; more European than Canadian; more eclectic than conventional. Moly Kulte is an eco-fashion shop and a range of clothing with its own original look, located in the heart of hip Montreal. The shop was

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    Planète Monde--For the Body and the Soul

    February 2, 8:21 AM by Bonnie Alter in Style

    Across the street from the most famous bagel store in Montreal, Fairmount Bagels, sits Planète monde. The organic bath and soap shop is a serene and peaceful oasis amidst the hubbub of the Mile End neighbourhood. The store was started when the two


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