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  • Recycled Tyres Bags and Furniture by Mecha

    September 26, 1:00 AM by Paula Alvarado in Sustainable Fashion

    Boy we've looked for this woman everywhere! We first checked her work in an Mtv show, but her website was down and we couldn't find any link to her. A few weeks later, magically one of her friends named her in his personal blog and voilá!. Mexican

  • Mexican Government Eco Tips

    July 26, 7:00 AM by Paula Alvarado in Culture

    At the Mexican Environmental and Natural Resources Office website, which has lots of information about events and an educational section with several documents on waste, contamination and recycling, we found this very friendly flyer: "100 tips to take

  • Brazilian Natura's Ekos Products

    June 13, 9:10 AM by Paula Alvarado in Green Food

    Ekos cosmetics line of products by Natura is made with resources of the rich Brazilian biodiversity extracted in a sustainable form and through Fair Trade. They are biodegradable and their packages contain recycled glass and paper. Better yet, they

  • Eco Travel: Northern Argentina's Solar Towns

    June 7, 7:36 AM by Paula Alvarado in Travel

    Argentina has become a very popular tourism destination since the devaluation of peso (three to one dollar), especially the northern and southern limits, north by its proximity with places like Bolivia and Brazil and south by Patagonia's mountains,

  • Jeansmakers' Jeans Refurbishing

    June 6, 6:33 AM by Paula Alvarado in Sustainable Fashion

    Argentinean firm Jeansmakers produces unique jeans out of your old ones. The service is in the same line as Junky Styling's, but the difference is that Teresa Castagnino, owner of the firm, is a designer with great trajectory in the jeans area, having

  • Recpol Collection of Used Plastic Silo Bags

    May 31, 9:24 AM by Paula Alvarado in Sustainable Product Design

    Thanks to the devaluation of the peso by the end of 2002, a great increase of the farming activity occurred in Argentina, specially with soybean cultivation. But as this growth of the production took place very suddenly and the demand grew quickly, the


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