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  • Prismera Designs: Recycled Stainless Steel Jewelry

    September 12, 10:08 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Style

    Prismera Designs' Floria and Florium collection is a sublime marriage of organic and industrial forms. Designer Laura Su, a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, has fashioned delicate yet structurally exacting botanical

  • Rust Belt Jewelry Utilizes History Not Mining

    September 11, 8:57 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Style

    Here are on TreeHugger, mining for gold has been a topic of discussion and we once reported that eight of the world's top jewelry retailers pledged to stay away from "dirty gold." After reading about Rust Belt jewelry, we went on their website

  • Protect Your Treasures With a Sari Jewelry Roll

    August 30, 9:53 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Style

    Treat your baubles with a little TLC, a sure way to extend their longevity, by wrapping them in a soft jewelry roll hand-stitched from salvaged cotton saris and secured with a loop-and-button closure.

  • BE CARBON NEUTRAL: Reclaimed Silver Jewelry with a Message

    August 17, 2:11 PM by Collin Dunn in Style

    "Global warming" or "carbon neutrality" aren't usually the first words that pop to mind when you say "silver jewelry," but that's what the BE CARBON NEUTRAL collection of special edition jewelry is going for. Mentioned by TH pal Summer Rayne Oakes on a

  • Peace, Love, Earth: Yeah, Baby

    August 16, 8:46 AM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Style

    Designer Anna Mkhitarian reinvents that tired hippie standard—the ol' peace sign—into physical, wearable mantras that, though unsubtle, remind us what our groovy voyage on Spaceship Earth is all about.

  • Anti-diamond Ring

    July 21, 4:07 PM by Kathreen Ricketson in Style

    Check out recycled rings jewellery range, gorgeous and original, totally planet friendly and without the internal conflict that comes with wearing diamonds and other mined gemstones. Other conflict free jewellery includes the GreenKarat and Liana

  • Bags2Riches

    June 13, 8:02 AM by Warren McLaren in Style

    Anna Roebuck studied fine art at Edinburgh College of Art nearly a decade and half ago, later going onto work in paper pulp. Which may be where she learnt some lessons applicable to her proprietary process for heat fusing the plastic of discarded

  • Found and Fossicked Jewellery

    April 28, 12:26 PM by Kathreen Ricketson in Sustainable Product Design

    Rebecca Ward is an Australian based Jewellery (Jewelry) artist (born in New Zealand) who specialises in using found materials for her unusual, humourous and addictive pieces. She scavenges pebbles, glass and other detritus from beaches in New Zealand,

  • Plastic Fantastic? Recycled Jewelry

    February 21, 8:00 AM by Kathreen Ricketson in Sustainable Product Design

    Australian artist, Mark Vaarwerk, reuses plastic bags and other throw away domestic plastic containers such as shampoo bottles, to create beautiful jewel-like brooches and rings. Of course this is not going to single handedly solve the worlds plastic

  • Offsetting Print Ads by Planting Bamboo

    January 11, 2:17 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Corporate Responsibility

    We've seen so many "green issues" of magazines over the past year, with Town & Country, Domino, Elle and Vanity Fair as the most publicized ones. John Hardy, a jewelry designer who purchased more than 150 pages of advertising in some of these