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  • rabbit

    More GM Tinkering: Sticking Rabbit Genes into Poplars

    October 16, 9:00 AM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Clean Technology

    A word of caution to those of you in the audience who deplore any- and everything GM-related: the content of this post may prove highly offensive/disturbing. Now that's not to say that TreeHugger approves of this type of genetic tinkering (in fact,

  • SRI-Rice.jpg

    More Rice with Less Water

    October 10, 8:48 AM by Warren McLaren in Green Food

    How often have we heard that we must have genetically modified food if we are to feed the world's starving poor? About as many times as agibusiness companies have sent out media releases. Though now WWF advises us GMOs do not need to be part of the

  • mpg_marathon.jpg

    MPG Marathon Makes SUV Sip Fuel

    October 8, 1:23 PM by Sean Fisher in Cars

    One of the results of last week's MPG Marathon was taking a Chevy Captiva SUV filled with seven people, and getting just over 42mpg out of it - 14% better than the official 37mpg. The Marathon was a UK-based two day trip using fuel-saving driving

  • lamborghini murcielago

    WhatGreenCar?'s Top 10 Gas Guzzlers

    October 2, 8:00 AM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Cars

    Those of you shocked not to see GM's Hummer featured front and center based on the title of this post can rest easy: though it (easily) made the list, we thought we'd showcase a different gas guzzler for variety's sake. Put together by Ben Lane, WGC?'s

  • bush hybrid vehicle

    Even Bush Government Agency Advised Staff to Buy Asian Hybrid Vehicles

    September 24, 10:00 AM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Corporate Responsibility

    Talk about embarrassing. When high-level officials in an administration that's provided more support and political cover than any in recent history advise their staff to purchase vehicles from your foreign rivals, you know you're in trouble. That was

  • GM Ride and Drive

    GM 2007 Ride and Drive

    September 20, 12:10 AM by Kristin Underwood in Cars

    Monday night I represented TH at GMs recent Collection show with 13 other blog types — some environmental, some car related and some all-around Southern California blogs. This is their traveling show presenting all of their cars achieving 30+ mpg,

  • sugarcube.jpg

    Sugar From Genetically Engineered Beets on Its Way

    September 12, 6:19 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Green Food

    Look out for genetically modified sugar in a shopping aisle near you by next year. American Crystal, a large Wyoming-based sugar company, has announced it will be sourcing its sugar from genetically engineered sugar beets

  • davsuz.jpg

    Quote of the Day: David Suzuki on Genetically Engineered Crops

    August 31, 11:40 AM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Green Food

    We have been told that genetically engineered (GE) material just disperses in nature, but in fact, it is remarkably permanent. Biologically engineered genes and DNA have been found to persist in soil organisms, in insects, pollen, and especially water,

  • Wired Magazine

    Wired's Artifacts from the Future: Fusion Food

    August 10, 3:35 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Green Food

    Possibly coming to a produce store near you: Monsanto's Cinna-Del, the only GM apple that expresses both cinnamon and sugar, only $26.99 per kilo! Or how about Skippy's Creamy JonaNut, "all the great taste and texture of a

  • genie_treehugger.jpg

    Biodiesel Designer Genes

    August 6, 1:30 PM by Karin Kloosterman in Clean Technology

    If you were a green genie whose wishes would you grant? That everyone on the planet heeds Kenny Luna’s sage advice and plugs compact fluorescents into their lamps? Would you go further and replace every automobile on the planet with a hybrid, or would

  • tfcover.gif

    Why China Loves Transformers (And Why We Should All Be A Little Worried)

    July 31, 4:55 PM by Alex Pasternack in Cars

    Transformers are huge in China, and I don't mean just the devices used to transfer energy between circuits. The alien robot car disaster movie may not have earned more money in China than the US (you can watch the movie free on Chinese websites), but

  • kill%20this%20dog.jpg

    No Increase in CAFE or the Dog Gets It

    July 27, 1:43 PM by Lloyd Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    When GM launched the Volt, Kristi noted "It has surprised many to see GM throw their hat in the hybrid ring as such a formidable competitor." Now we may be learning why they

  • popsci cover

    Artificial Wetlands, Super-Trees and Glacier Blankets: Oh My!

    July 20, 12:00 PM by Jeremy Elton Jacquot in Clean Technology

    In its latest issue, Popular Science champions genetic and geo-engineering as strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change on the planet and save the environment in a series of articles collectively referred to as "Duct Tape Methods to Save the

  • namaiki-barbie-garden.jpg

    "Let the Plants Design!"

    July 11, 9:03 AM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    The Tokyo-based designers at Namaiki have spent the past 10 years earning a reputation for inspired silliness and mad genius, but after a decade of work, they're turning to a more organic, natural media to express themselves: plants. PingMag reports on

  • fur%20farm.JPG

    Fur Farms and Banana Rice Pudding

    July 9, 7:34 AM by John Laumer in Economics

    Researching on one of our primary technical sources, Ebay, we discovered evidence of a long abandoned effort at genetic engineering. Apparently some frankenfarmer long ago came up with way to grow fur in rows...like plants. Kidding. But, no joke,

  • gm_general_motors_logo.jpg

    GM Produce Videos of Green Projects

    July 2, 1:41 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    GM has created four short movies to highlight what they are doing to green their operations. They’re on various topics, and some are more interesting than others, but it’s nice to see them making an effort. Perhaps they should stick to making cars, and

  • canola260304.jpg

    0.9% GM, Still Organic

    June 13, 11:25 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Green Food

    We’re not really anti-GM here at TreeHugger; we realise that the science could equally provide solutions or problems. Genetic mutations occur naturally every day, and the vast majority of them are less capable of survival than existing strains, so die

  • chevyvolt_boblutz.jpg

    GM Up The Voltage

    June 6, 9:58 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    GM has awarded two contracts for the development of li-ion batteries for its E-Flex System. 13 companies submitted bids for the project, which is the basis for the Chevy Volt concept that caused quite a stir a while ago. From previous TH coverage;


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