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  • fashion gift guide photo

    Green Holiday Gift Guide: The Fashion Buff (Slideshow)

    November 9, 10:25 AM by Blythe Copeland in Green Home

    As any teenager who's ever feigned excitement over a pom-pom reindeer sweater on Christmas morning can tell you, buying clothes for other people can be--well, let's just say, a little hit or miss. Don't want to give a closet full of duds that go

  • green gift guide DIY

    Green Gift Guide: The DIY'er

    November 9, 8:38 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    When challenged to make enough gifts for everyone at the holidays, the DIY'er thrives. If you can't match the sentiment of a hand-knitted scarf or intricately embroidered blanket, help your hands-on friends finesse their craft with these ideas, from canni

  • health and wellness gift guide

    Green Gift Guide: The Health and Wellness Guru

    November 9, 8:08 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    You don't have to be a health nut to appreciate the benefits of gifts free of toxins, synthetic chemicals, BPA, and phthalates--think paraben-free lip gloss or filter-your-own water bottles. We even have solutions for that one person who always answers yo

  • gift guide pop culture

    Green Gift Guide: The Pop Culture Fan

    November 9, 8:00 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    Yes, it's in the nature of a pop culture fan to be nearly impossible to shop for: Simply because he or she has seen every movie, heard every album, read every book, and watched every television show that comes to mind. That's why we've pulled together gif

  • gift guide food

    Green Gift Guide: The Foodie

    November 9, 8:00 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    There's nothing like a long meal that lingers into the night to bring people together, whether you're talking a dozen relatives or just dinner for two. With the tools and guides on these pages, your favorite chef sure to make the feast more delicious and

  • kids gift guide

    Green Gift Guide: The WeeHugger

    November 9, 8:00 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    Let's be honest: It is way more fun to buy gifts for kids. Toys wrapped in big, shiny boxes reveal dolls that must be immediately introduced to the family or games they can't wait to begin--gifts much more exciting than a tie or a cooking pan. But kids' g

  • gift guide fashion

    Green Gift Guide: The Fashion Buff

    November 9, 8:00 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    Slow down the chaos in your favorite fashion buff's closet with the classic, timeless pieces featured in our fashion gift guide for girls, guys, and even teens. By skipping trends with a six-month lifespan, you'll trim the dent in your wallet (and the lan

  • outdoors enthusiast gift guide photo

    Green Gift Guide: The Outdoors Enthusiast

    November 9, 8:00 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    While a true outdoors enthusiast doesn't need much to enjoy the great outdoors--just a sturdy pair of shoes and a taste for adventure--this individual is even more likely to appreciate gifts that are as eco-friendly as they are functional. Take the time t

  • hgg09_green_geek_550x400.jpg

    Green Gift Guide: The Green Geek

    November 9, 7:57 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    Giving gadgets may be a quick and easy way to satisfy all the techies--and closet green geeks--on your list, but shelling out for anything that plugs in just for the sake of that holiday-morning electronic glow can have a heavy cost on your wallet and on

  • green gift guide philanthropist photo

    Green Gift Guide: The Philanthropist

    November 9, 12:08 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    We've rounded up more than 100 gifts that let you give (and get) green takes on classic holiday presents, but there's one more key category to help put your money where your mouth is: charitable giving. These donations, made in your recipients name, help

  • animal gift guide

    Green Gift Guide: The Animal Lover

    November 9, 12:08 AM by Blythe Copeland in Gift Guides

    Whether you're shopping for someone who has a soft spot for endangered species (even the weird-looking ones) or who just can't stop talking about her cat, green gifts for the animal lover on your list keep everyone purring. With the likes of organic cotto

  • dont forget the bag

    DFTB Reminds Us: Don't Forget the Bag!

    November 6, 12:02 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Culture

    You head off to the local market with your grocery list in hand...and then you get there and realize you forgot your bags reusable bags! It's happened to all of us and darn, isn't it so frustrating? Not to mention that so many

  • treehugger deals working wonders

    WorkingWonders Offers 20% Off on Products for the Holidays

    November 5, 1:29 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Green Home

    The cold weather is quickly approaching, which means it's time to start thinking about the holidays! Whether it's gift-giving, entertaining, or curling up to a warm biofuel fireplace, WorkingWonders has what you are looking for in the upcoming winter

  • treehugger deals natures baby organics

    Nature's Baby Organics Offers 15% Off Products For You & Baby

    October 6, 2:56 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Culture

    There's just something about a family-owned and operated business, especially when they all test products before selling them to the public. Such is the case with Nature's Baby Organics, which manufactures and distributes organic hair and skincare

  • treehugger deals bella floria

    Bella Floria Offers 20% Off All Beauty Products

    October 2, 6:00 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Style

    When Emelyn Rodriguez started to do research as a result of her own sensitivities to chemical additives in personal care products, she realized that others could greatly benefit from this research as well. And so, she started her online company Bella

  • treehugger deals become clean

    Become Clean Offers 20% Off Natural Personal Care Products

    September 16, 4:17 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Style

    Safety, effectiveness, and affordability. These are the attributes that many consumers are looking for today when it comes to personal care products. On a regular basis, we are all exposed to toxic chemicals through personal care products which are in

  • treehugger deals gretchen and grace

    Gretchen and Grace Offers 25% Off Eco-Apparel & Accessories

    August 12, 8:23 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Style

    One of the frustrations we hear time and time again is that when it comes to fashion, consumers are still looking for affordable and stylish eco-friendly finds for adults and kids. And even beyond that, consumers are also looking for fashionable

  • treehugger-deals-leo-goes-grr.jpg

    Leo Goes Grr Offers 20% Off Kid-Powered Toys + More

    July 21, 6:28 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Culture

    We like it when we read about companies that have a simple, green mission without any frills or long-winded explanations. Such is the story with Leo Goes Grr, a team of gung-ho moms with one simple thought: kids deserve better.


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