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  • Conservative leader David Cameron rides his bike

    UK Conservative Leader Breaks Road Rules By Bike

    March 21, 8:58 AM by Sami Grover in Bikes

    We are huge fans of cycling here at TreeHugger, but we have to acknowledge that there is resentment among motorists at some cyclists' perceived disregard for traffic rules. While it rarely goes as far as the driver who

  • norman%20lucy.jpg

    Crafty Lucy Norman Recycles

    March 18, 5:05 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Lucy Norman's usage of recycled materials is key to her art. She has focused on designing a range of products under the slogan "Rethink, Reuse, Rebook", combining a concern for the environment and the reuse of waste in a way that is both stylish and

  • darling.jpg

    How Green is My Budget?

    March 12, 2:08 PM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    It's the economy, stupid; that's the message that Chancellor Darling was delivering as his much anticipated "green" budget did not materialize the way that many had hoped. There was great anticipation that this would be a budget with a big green focus

  • a cup of tea

    Brewing Change: The Guardian Keeps Its Kettle In Check

    March 8, 2:14 PM by Sami Grover in Green Food

    Update: Lloyd also covered this issue over at Planet Green, pointing out that very few Americans have electric kettles, whilst 95% of brits and canadians do. As electric kettles convert 80 percent of the energy into heat that boils the water, while a

  • eco-snobbery.jpg

    Enough Pious Eco-Snobbery - But What Next?

    March 5, 8:40 AM by Sami Grover in Corporate Responsibility

    Last week Green as a Thistle argued that "the greenest way to live is in the gray area. We can't possibly take this movement to the next level when we're still bickering about whether so-and-so is an environmentalist or not. Who cares?" In a

  • monterey book photo

    Stand By Your Ham: Dispatches From The End of Cheap Food

    March 4, 9:43 AM by Sami Grover in Green Food

    There have been plenty of unfortunate consequences predicted as a result of rising food prices, from the rising cost of pasta to the extinction of gummy bears. We're not sure anyone predicted this particular threat though — singing pig farmers. Pig

  • UK's Ulster Bank offers first solar mortgage

    Ulster Bank Offers UK's First Solar Mortgage

    March 3, 7:56 AM by Sami Grover in Solar Technology

    We've heard rumors of 40% cuts in the cost of solar and claims of the imminent arrival of $1-a-watt solar technology, but the fact remains that going solar remains a significant investment (in fact, the Photovoltaics Economics Calculator can help you

  • RuralZED is UK's first zero carbon home

    RuralZED: UK's First Commercially Viable Zero-Carbon Home

    March 2, 12:13 PM by Sami Grover in Sustainable Product Design

    The announcement back in 2006 that all new homes in the UK will be zero cabon by 2016 caused a wave of optimism in green circles. It has also no doubt spurred architects and developers to start exploring what such houses may look like — the

  • Bioregional%20One%20Planet%20Products.jpg

    One Planet Products Wins Sustainable City Award

    February 29, 9:01 AM by Sami Grover in Corporate Responsibility

    Having recently won Consultant of the Year at Building Magazine’s Sustainability Awards, the folks at the UK-based Bioregional Development Group are raking in the awards once more. This time it is the group’s One Planet Products that is being hailed as

  • green-teens-uk.jpg

    95% of UK Kids Show Real Concern about Global Warming

    February 26, 6:11 PM by Kenny Luna in Corporate Responsibility

    New research in the UK shows that 95% of kids between the ages of 4 and 15 questioned were 'concerned' by global warming, with more than half describing themselves as being 'very concerned'. And three out of four felt they were more fluent on the topic

  • velorution.jpg

    Velorution: London's Folding Bike Rental Service

    February 14, 8:09 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    Velorution, a bicycle shop in London reckons visitors to the UK capital should make like a local and get about on a zippy folding commuter bike. To this end they offer a rental service for folders. Here's the deal: "There is no faster way to do it

  • hackney%20straw.jpg

    Straw Bale Building at the Farm

    January 11, 5:15 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Hackney City Farm is a little agricultural oasis in the middle of the grim east end of London. There are chickens, ducks, cows and goats living amidst the apartment towers and forlorn shops. It must be the only place where roosters pick around an old

  • petedohertyugly.jpg

    Every Step They Take...

    January 10, 5:48 AM by Bonnie Alter in Cars

    British rock and rollers have been rated on how eco-friendly they are and how carbon neutral their tours have been this year. The scores ranged from 0: as carbon neutral as Bob Geldof's bathwater to ten: as good for the Earth as an oil spill. The

  • nigels.jpg

    Yahoo! Finds of the Year Winners

    January 9, 5:54 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Yahoo! has announced the winners of its "Finds of the Year" competition. It's the annual search for the most innovative contributions to the web and we are so chuffed that some of our favourite sites have hit the heights. Nigel's Eco Store won in the

  • kelley_olklk.jpg

    But Is It Art?

    January 8, 6:59 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    It looks like a field of wildflowers, which it is (was...) It was commissioned for Grant Park in Chicago in 1984 and created and planted by the Texan artist Chapman Kelly. The work, called "Wildflower Works", was a 1.5 acre field of rare

  • heroes.jpg

    Eco Hopes for the '08's

    January 7, 6:37 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    It's the first list of 2008, and it could be the most important one. An esteemed panel, assembled by the Guardian newspaper, has chosen the fifty people most able to prevent the continuing destruction of the planet. There are some serious

  • joannalumley3.jpg

    Recycle Your Cards: It's Easy

    January 4, 5:36 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    This one is a no-brainer, as they say. Collect all your Christmas cards, put them together and drop them in a specially marked bin at supermarkets and book stores. All the cards collected at these places will be taken to paper mills, where they are

  • 270_tinok%20yarok%20treehugger.jpg

    Tinok Yarok: Organic Israeli Babies

    January 4, 5:11 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Culture

    Within the same week, not one, but two organic baby clothing suppliers entered our radar over here in the Holy Land. The first, who we will feature today, is Tinok Yarok, Hebrew for "green baby." Sophie Ohana, the company's founder dropped us a line


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