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  • Super Design Market: Instant Collectibles

    September 26, 5:24 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Instant collectibles: get them now, because they may never be available again. The Super Design Market is a sale where young designers are flogging some interesting, some wacky and always unique design products at affordable prices. We loved the

  • Trash Luxe

    September 25, 4:04 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Trash Luxe is an exhibition of serious up and coming designers who have taken humble objects and made them into luxury items. Put together by Liberty, an old and stylish store, there were familiar names and surprises in this sophisticated show created

  • Grandmateria

    September 24, 8:47 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    This is the opening show of Gallery Libby Sellers and it is one to watch because Sellers used to be the curator at the Design Museum, so she knows her stuff. The exhibition featured some names which are familiar to treehugger readers; looks like we

  • East Meets West

    September 21, 8:10 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Fashion

    These raw silk dresses were hanging at the front of the Estethica show at the London Fashion Week and they stopped us dead in our tracks. Made of the finest softest silk, they moved gently in the breeze coming in the door. The dresses and skirts are

  • Deptford Design Market Challenge

    September 20, 8:47 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    It sounded like a great idea: let 27 of the hippest and hottest young designers choose a piece of...rubbish...ooops, object, from Deptford market...and see what they can come up with. The Deptford Design Market Challenge, named after an old and

  • Eco-Home Chic: Michaelis House

    September 19, 8:56 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    As part of Open House London, some people open their homes to a limited number of visitors through a pre-booking system. We booked the Michaelis House, knowing that Alex Michaelis had renovated Conservative Party Leader David Cameron's house and made

  • Accessories, Accessories

    September 18, 12:59 PM by Bonnie Alter in Style

    It's London Fashion Week and we are here to report on the newest and latest eco-fashions. Once again this year, Estethica, the special exhibit of green fashion was a fascinating collection of the best on offer. You know what they say in fashion:

  • More Green Houses: Open House London

    September 18, 8:58 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Two more modern and sustainable houses, built with budget and site constraints, were open as part of Open House London. Part of the fun is searching out new and unknown quarters of London and these two places were in Peckham, a mixed area with little

  • Contrasting Eco Houses: Open House London

    September 17, 8:32 AM by Bonnie Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Open House London is the weekend when almost 600 buildings are open to the public. This year sustainability is being highlighted and some special eco-homes are on view. This new private house (above) has won several awards for sustainability and is a

  • Baby Clothes for that Special One

    September 14, 8:21 AM by Bonnie Alter in Culture

    These exquisite baby clothes, hand-knit out of pure organic cotton, come with a heart-warming treehugger-style story. Made in Paraguay, by a small company started up by two sisters--one lives there and the other lives in London. They had wanted to do

  • Bags of Goodwill

    September 13, 8:40 AM by Bonnie Alter in Style

    Acknowledging that everyone is getting a little fed up with the "I am not a plastic bag" phenomenon, we still couldn't ignore these great looking carrier bags. Twentytwentyone, a furniture and design store, has commissioned forty world-renowned

  • Forest Rising: Marjetica Potrc

    September 11, 8:58 AM by Bonnie Alter in Culture

    This art exhibition is a mixture of anthropology and art, with some heavy philosophizing about architecture and the environment. The Slovenian artist Marjetica Potrc spent two months travelling in western Brazil, where the rainforest is in danger of

  • Book Review: Green is the New Black

    September 10, 8:36 AM by Bonnie Alter in Culture

    Tamsin Blanchard, the author of this new book on fashion and the environment, has written about style and the latest must-haves in all the major newspapers here. Whilst she is not as much of an acknowledged authority on environmental matters as Lucy

  • Retreat at TreeGap: an Eco-Journey

    September 9, 12:01 AM by Bonnie Alter in Natural Sciences

    This lovely looking house is the starting point for an environmental and ecological journey. Megan Reynolds decided to give up her day job, move into her family's house in Woodstock, New York, and turn it into a one room eco Bed and Breakfast. She

  • 23% of Brits Would Rather Drive

    September 8, 12:51 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    What Car recently conducted a survey on the travel habits of Brits, and I have to say that I'm disappointed at how lazy they seem to be. I can only assume that the survey was conducted only amongst their own readers, who will obviously be more biased

  • Grass-Covered Train Station

    September 7, 1:35 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Cars

    Here in Amsterdam, most train stations are full of grass, but this is different. This is Newcastle Central Station, where a PR stunt by train operator GNER saw a platform covered in artificial grass. It was conceived to encourage people to take the

  • Rugby World Cup Goes Green

    September 7, 8:01 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Last year's World Cup Football competition set new standards for environmental initiatives. Today the Rugby World Cup 2007 is starting in France for six long weeks, and they too have risen to the green challenge. Environment Minister Jean-Louis Borloo

  • U.K. District Gets Solar Parking Meters

    September 5, 9:58 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Cars

    More than 50 new parking meters are being installed in the Mendip District of Somerset in southwest England—and half of them will be solar powered.


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