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  • Dragon88 Recycled Bag Dark Red Pattern

    Dragon88 Launches Recycled, Reusable Bag Line

    July 29, 8:40 PM by Kristin Underwood in Style

    Step one. Get rid of the paper/plastic bags. Step 2. Get a canvas/reusable bag. Step 3. Get a recycled, reusable bag. Dragon88, known for their home and hospitality furniture design, which is not currently eco, is launching

  • marks bans plastic bags photo

    Plastic Bag Charging Works

    July 25, 5:38 AM by Bonnie Alter in Corporate Responsibility

    Charging for plastic bags at the supermarket works--people really do bring their own. Ten weeks ago Marks & Spencer instituted a 5 pence (10 cents) charge on plastic bags at its stores. Since then customers have used 70 million fewer bags. That's an


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