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  • TreeHugger Picks: Tips for Green Summer Fun

    June 22, 11:55 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Now that summer is officially here (and with it, the summer driving season), we wanted to peek at a few summer sights, suggest a green summer activity or two and try not to lose the sounds of summer. Here are five quick picks for some green fun in the

  • Drink your Veggies: Pepsi Introduces Cucumber Soda

    June 14, 1:08 PM by Lloyd Alter in Green Food

    In case you are not getting enough vegetables, you may be pleased to learn that Pepsi in Japan has introduced cucumber flavoured soda pop. Google translates the press release as "the cola beverage of the refreshing tasting of the balance whose

  • Walmart and Proctor & Gamble Deserve Some TreeHugger Love

    April 18, 10:20 AM by John Laumer in Corporate Responsibility

    This is a good news item about US corporations doing the right thing without waiting to be told to do it by the government; for example, Wal-Mart and Proctor and Gamble, respectively, have pushed for and made cleaning product formulation changes for the

  • You're One in a Million

    April 17, 12:40 PM by Jasmin Malik Chua in Clean Technology

    Humans tend to forget that we're one in a million—one in a million species on the planet, that is. A six-year-old international scientific effort to catalog every known living organism, has already passed the 1 million mark.

  • Toronto Portlands Redevelopment Ideas Revealed

    April 17, 11:26 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    For a century Toronto has worked hard to lay tracks, build walls of highways and condos, pave airports and leak oil, anything that can be conceived to destroy the waterfront and the harbour. Now they

  • Getting Ready for Earth Day: Green Cleaning

    April 17, 11:04 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Cleaning products are everywhere in our homes, and get everywhere when we use them; on our dishes, countertops, floors, hands...the list goes on and on. They're so pervasive that we follow this general rule: if you don't want it on your skin or in your

  • House & Garden Magazine: May 2007

    April 17, 10:04 AM by Collin Dunn in Kitchen Design

    May is kitchen month at House & Garden magazine, and nestled between style ideas from Giorgio Armani and Isaac Mizrahi are some pretty good ideas for healthy kitchens and green style at home. The "Eco Chic" column (page 66) features ideas to cook

  • Osprey Recycles Packs

    April 17, 10:02 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    Announced a while back and due to be available by about June 07 are Osprey’s Resource series of packs and courier bags. 100% recycled PET (polyester) fabric from the likes of recycled drink bottles is utilised for the main body fabric, binding tape,

  • Q Collection Junior: Coming to ICFF in May (Updated)

    April 17, 9:10 AM by Collin Dunn in Interior Design

    Q Collection, featured here, here and here as one of TreeHugger's Best of Sustainable Designers, has always been on of our favorites when it comes to combining sustainability and design. Their ability to combine a modern sensibility with materials that

  • That's 'One' (Weird Looking) Folding Bike

    March 30, 9:08 AM by Warren McLaren in Bikes

    The ‘One’ bike is a design concept by industrial designer, Thomas Owen, a recent graduate of the UK’s University of Derby, from whence he departed with a B. Sc. (Hons) in Product Design, Innovation and Eco-design. Seems he studied subjects like

  • The greencodeproject: No Impact Media

    March 30, 8:24 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    Hollywood may have brought us The Inconvenient Truth, Who Killed the Electric Car?, The Day After Tomorrow, etc. They may have carbon offset such films as Syriana and Sweet Land. They may travel to the Oscars in hybrid cars, or cruise tinsel town on a

  • Coal Mining Returns to UK

    March 29, 12:59 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Corporate Responsibility

    South Wales is seeing a resurgence in deep coal mining. A mine in Cwmgwrach is taking on 60 workers, and a nearby mine at Aberpergwm will soon be ready to take on 200 more. These mines, and others like them, are restarting production following an almost

  • Water Outta Thick Air: The Whisson Windmill

    March 29, 9:15 AM by Warren McLaren in Clean Water

    Yep, it is another one of those wacky inventions that will send droves to the comments section to decree it is doomed to failure. But at least its Australian inventor is optimistic enough to be taking out international patents on the design. Max

  • Carbon Planet: A Transparent Carbon Offsetter?

    March 29, 8:30 AM by Warren McLaren in Lawn & Garden

    At our back-of-house email meetings TreeHugger's writers have been debating the merits of various carbon offset schemes. One of the reoccurring themes to surface was that of transparency, of where the money was going. Particularly as most such offset

  • Salmon Return to the Thames

    March 28, 10:37 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Clean Water

    Salmon used to travel up the river Thames, through London, to their breeding grounds in Berkshire. However, the industrial revolution and the pollution that accompanied it killed them all off by 1833.

  • Farmer's Little Helpers: A Pill To Cut Down On Cow Farting

    March 28, 7:36 AM by John Laumer in Corporate Responsibility

    Anyone who has driven through dairy country has noticed that cows out to pasture generally all face in a similar direction. We always thought that bovine behavior had a practical basis...if you were a cow that is...such that if your neighbor let fly,

  • Flood Maps: View Sea Level Rise

    March 27, 10:49 AM by Celine Ruben in Clean Water

    As the earth's ice caps continue to melt rising water levels are a global threat. If you find it hard to wrap your head around the concept, don't worry, you are not alone. In response to this issue Alex Tingle, an accomplished programmer, created

  • Organic Fruit Is Healthier: Science Told Me So

    March 27, 9:19 AM by Warren McLaren in Green Food

    Not that we're surprised. But it is nice to have the bunsen burner brigade on board too. Some lab coats at University of California in Davis grew two batches of kiwifruit; one organically and the other conventionally with the attendant cocktail of


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