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    Slowmo Organic Cotton Design: Berlin Siblings Give Comfort a New Style

    December 15, 12:30 PM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Fashion

    Quite often the incredible luck of living in Berlin, capital of striving creativity, strikes one all of a sudden. Discovering the Berlin-Freidrichshain based fashion design house Slowmo certainly adds to the sense that good things are happening in the

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    Chemical Matchmaking Excellence in Germany

    October 28, 1:19 PM by Christine Lepisto in Natural Sciences

    "Molecular Marriage Broker". That is how the headline in the German daily newspaper Tagespiegel describes Dr. Matthias Drieß. Drieß is the leading scientist in a group of scientists that has just been granted about 7.8 million euros per year for five

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    No Car in Berlin

    September 22, 5:21 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    Berlin celebrates World Car Free Day by taking to the streets. The 2007 Kreisfahrt (Circle Ride) departs from the famous Brandenburger Tor at 14:00 Saturday 22 September. Bicycles own the streets. Car owners: stay home, or at least turn your engines

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    The Bicycle Booms in Berlin

    August 23, 10:31 AM by Kenny Luna in Culture

    When less than half the residents of a city own a car, there's got to be folks looking for another alternative to hoofing it And that's precisely what's happened with the bicycle in Berlin over the last twenty years, as it has become

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    Less Is More: Yotel'sTiny Hotel Rooms

    July 6, 9:11 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    Yotel is a hotel built with rooms described as a cross between Japanese capsule hotels and first-class airline cabins, but I think they are more boat-like. The first, at London's Gatwick Airport, is developed by UK sushi king Simon Woodroffe and

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    Bike City Berlin

    July 1, 4:05 AM by Christine Lepisto in Bikes

    Two years ago, the Berlin Senate decided that bikes should make up 15% of city traffic by the year 2010. Results released from the newest traffic study of the Berlin Development Administration show that the goal could be reached early: the number of

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    Germany's First Bio-market Goes Out of Business

    June 30, 9:30 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    Today it is over. The very first Bio-market in Germany was founded in 1971 under the name "Peace Food". The small business will shut its doors today, unable to compete with the bio-chain outlet which has opened around the corner. It is a story of the

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    Berlin's Fave Food Goes Veggie

    June 9, 4:42 PM by Christine Lepisto in Green Food

    Berliners love their döners. Short for dönerkebab, from the Turkish for rotating grilled meat, and closely related to the Greek gyros or the arab schawarma, it is hard to think of a döner without thinking meat. So imagine the surprise to see a bio,

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    Bikes, Bikes and Twikes at the Eco-mile in Berlin

    June 3, 2:21 PM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    Bikes, bikes and more bikes! The organized, controlled and insured parking areas (image, left) quickly filled up, resulting in some fairly creative parking solutions (image, right). Without a doubt, the highlight of this year's festival was the

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    the-home-project * Presents: Cork Speakers

    June 1, 12:36 PM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    TreeHugger has seen some pretty funky green speakers in our day, including some made with a hemp cone, some crafted from bamboo and some made from reclaimed whiskey barrels. A new entrant to this rockin' group is "Corkspeaker", a project of

  • knut_berlin_polar_bear.jpg

    Springtime in Berlin

    May 26, 6:20 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    Spring is in the air and the long daylight hours are bringing Berliners out of hibernation and back to activity. Activity as in Activism. Green entries in the calendar range from the small and provincial to events of international impact. Anchoring

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    DesignMai5 in Berin: Digitalability

    May 20, 5:38 PM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    Were you here celebrating the fifth year of DesignMai bringing cutting edge design trends to Berlin? If not, it was your loss. Around the theme of "Digitalability", DesignMai sought to explore the interactions of design with the tools of the digital

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    The TH Interview: Ralf Schmerberg of Dropping Knowledge

    April 9, 8:07 AM by Sami Grover in Culture

    Ralf Schmerberg is one of the founders of Dropping Knowledge, which we recently reported on here. Dropping Knowledge is a pioneering multi-media project aimed at bringing important questions about social, environmental and economic issues into the focus

  • monterey book photo

    Dropping Knowledge: Still Asking the Questions

    April 4, 7:53 AM by Sami Grover in Culture

    In September last year Bebelplatz in Berlin, the site of the infamous Nazi book burning, resonated to the sound of 112 voices of some of the most important activists alive, answering 100 of the greatest questions of our time. This was The Table of Free

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    Oh Greener Canadian Parliament?

    December 19, 9:40 AM by Kenny Luna in Culture

    Well, minus the dark suits and long faces that's what schoolkids across the entire country will be engaging in as they strive to make the world a better place. Essentially, schools sign up to be a part of this endeavour, and are assigned a password that

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    Middle School Students Help us With Fuel Cells

    December 19, 6:53 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    For a fresh batch of ideas, who better to ask then 12-year olds? And dangle a trip to Space Camp (the grand prize) in front of them and who knows what they will come up with. This year, the annual National Engineers Week Future City Competition asks

  • 25078309b.jpg

    Mustermann Strasse Öko-Initiative, or Frohes Fest Familie Stephan

    December 17, 3:51 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    Struggling for Christmas ideas for your nameless apartment building co-inhabitants? I suggest you give them money and perspective, namely lower communal electricity/maintenance costs, and hope along the lines of ‘A journey of a thousand megawatts

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    More on Hydrogen 7 by BMW

    November 21, 7:23 AM by Mairi Beautyman in Corporate Responsibility

    Remember BMW's Hydrogen 7? The luxury sedan, which will be limitedly released next year, discharges mainly water vapor from its combustion engine. The hydrogen verses electric debate is still on—but If you are interested in how this machine eats up


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