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  • UK Establishes Multi-agency Wildlife Crime Unit

    October 22, 12:29 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    Putting aside the obvious question: "How much fun is a rare egg collection anyhow?" the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) reports that in 2004 there were 62 incidents of illegal egg stealing in the UK, including confirmed cases of egg

  • Tallahassee Florida USA Plans 35MW Wood Powered Gas & Electric Plant

    October 21, 7:19 AM by John Laumer in Renewable Energy

    Tallahassee Florida USA is the perfect place for large-scale Tree-fed biogas generator (a process that converts biomass, mainly wood in this case, to electric power in an oxygen-free environment). The major factors in favor of Florida are: coal filths

  • New Bird Species Confirmed from Living Specimens Later Released

    October 21, 12:47 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    Did you ever wonder if other people really see the same colors you see? Red could look different to you, but in human communication your experience of this wavelength of light is tagged "red". Scientists say that birds see in wavelength ranges which

  • TreeHugger Picks: Going Green at Home

    October 20, 9:49 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Donnachadh McCarthy, one of Britain's leading expert in green living, believes seven days is all it takes to "go green." Inspired by the inaugural How to Green Your Life column we ran yesterday, here are our picks for some ways to go green at home.

  • Wall Street Journal on Conservation, "The Fifth Fuel"

    October 20, 8:00 AM by Lloyd Alter in Renewable Energy

    There are two kinds of Wall Street Journal readers; those who don't give a damn about the cost of energy, and those who got rich by giving a damn about every single cent they ever spent. This recent article discusses technologies and initiatives that can

  • Q&A.; Is Silk Green?

    October 20, 7:39 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    We were recently asked if the fabric silk could be considered 'Green'. Well, we said that depends to large degree on your definition of green. We tabled a few interpretations of the term and then made some corresponding observations. There are, of

  • Do Clotheslines Really Lower Property Value?

    October 20, 7:38 AM by Jeff McIntire in Culture

    Just over a month ago, reader James noted that "in a growing number of residential developments in the USA, the local government or community covenants legally prevent residents from doing 'unsightly' things," including hanging wet laundry out to dry.

  • Katrina Cottage Wins People's Choice Design Award

    October 20, 7:32 AM by Lloyd Alter in Modular Design

    Way back in February, TreeHugger was just about the first to rave about the Katrina Cottage, then being shown for the first time at a builder's trade show in Orlando. We liked its scale, affordability and sensitivity. Since then it has taken on a life

  • Pink Flamingoes Face Extinction

    October 20, 7:27 AM by Bonnie Alter in Economics

    The pink flamingo, the ubiquitous plastic bird whose natural habitat is the front lawns of America, is about to become an endangered species. After 49 years, and twenty million sales, the company that produces them is going out of business. The proud

  • Free Radicals: Get Sustainability Off Your Chest

    October 20, 6:59 AM by Warren McLaren in Culture

    "Free radicals, the [Sydney] Powerhouse Museum's monthly series of sustainability talks, is back with an even sharper edge and a new time. Aimed at anyone who enjoys an argument, is worried about the sustainability of their lifestyle, or who is new

  • Vote for Your Favorite Green Business

    October 19, 3:30 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Corporate Responsibility

    It’s Co-op America’s 2006 People’s Choice Awards, which means it’s your turn to vote for your favorite green business of the year. Join Co-op America at the San Francisco Green Festival on November 10 to find out who won. The top ten nominees include:

  • Most Huggable

    October 19, 1:10 PM by Jacob Gordon in Culture

    How to make your own solar-powered jack-o-lantern on Instructables… A startling list of the world’s ten most deeply polluted places… EcoRazzi and TMZ take private jet-setting eco-celebs to task over their flight patterns… A new technology from SeaVolt

  • laila b Fashion for Girls: Cute as a Re-used Button

    October 19, 1:01 PM by Kyeann Sayer in Style

    Have you ever seen kids clothes so adorable you had to pinch anything available? Well, I had to squeeze my own arm when coming across laila b's girls' duds at the Ethical Fashion Show. Montreal-based creator Celine Bailey transforms vintage and used

  • This week on TreeHugger Radio

    October 19, 12:00 PM by Jacob Gordon in Culture

    TH Radio number three will be hitting the universe today for your green listening pleasure. You can tune in around the country on Air America, stream or podcast the show from EcoTalk’s website, or catch it on satellite radio. This week: the Union of

  • KSol & Sun Cook: Cook With The Sun

    June 20, 6:31 AM by Paula Alvarado in Solar Technology

    At the Terra Foundation website (remember the Horturba table?) we found two interesting alternatives to take advantage of the solar heat to cook outdoors without electricity or gas expenses, and reducing smoke emissions. First, the parabolic solar