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  • New from Brave Space: Hollow Dining Set, Coming to Design Week

    May 1, 12:42 PM by Collin Dunn in Eco-Friendly Furniture

    Via Design*Sponge comes this brand new hot little number from Brooklyn-based Brave Space Designs. Following a few of the design features from the Hollow Bench we featured here, both the table and the chairs of the aptly named Hollow Dining Set have

  • Arrange from Everyspace

    March 31, 10:29 AM by Lloyd Alter in Interior Design

    Everyspace is a team of Brookyn designers who "find inspiration in the challenges of urban living and aim to design furniture and household objects that offer creative solutions for city dwelling." The arrange shelf is designed "to integrate nature and

  • TreeHugger Picks: Flooring

    March 26, 11:47 AM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    There are a dizzying amount of decisions to make when working on a remodel or renovation of your home. Though it's underfoot, flooring is a major consideration, affecting your home's aesthetic and air quality. If you're pondering a renovation or new

  • Pre-Engineered Bamboo Homes Enter The US Market

    March 26, 9:52 AM by John Laumer in Sustainable Product Design

    Bamboo Technologies, previously noted on TreeHugger for sponsoring a design competition, has moved their bamboo. And we want one. Favorite design, of those pictured on their website, is the Pavilion (pictured). 'Dad, can my friends and I have a

  • Bamboo Entertainment Center

    March 15, 7:15 AM by Lloyd Alter in Interior Design

    Dealing with electronics can be a real pain if you have a lot of components and their attendant wires. Room and Board built this unit out of bamboo, but provided removeable back panels to let the air flow through. We like the ribbing on the face- since

  • Asus Bamboo Ecobook Computer

    March 13, 9:35 AM by Lloyd Alter in Gadgets

    We have an Asus notebook, and like their modular design where you can pick your own CPU and hard drive and assemble it yourself; ours had a tragic fall last week but it was easy to swap out busted parts. Asus also tries to differentiate itself from the

  • domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Fashion

    February 24, 10:50 AM by Collin Dunn in Style

    We've been focusing on interiors thus far in our peek at the Green List in March's domino magazine, having looked at tiles, renovating, rugs, wallcoverings, fabric and furniture, so we'll deviate from that a bit today for a look at some green fashion.

  • Eco-Tip: Mini Directory of Green Fabrics

    February 21, 9:41 AM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Fashion

    We are often asked by readers where to find suppliers of particular eco-materials, so they might join the fray and green their own product. The answer is most likely lurking in our archive of 10,000+ articles, and we would encourage use of the search

  • ShariBe - Casual Eco Chic

    February 21, 7:11 AM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Fashion

    A wee while ago, when we ran a tongue-in-cheek post on Avita, a line of slinky green apparel for women, a reader commented, "So do I have to be anorexic to wear any of that?" Now, we are sure that Avita comes in larger sizes than were shown on the

  • domino & TreeHugger's Green List: Fabric

    February 18, 9:42 AM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    In the third installment of the Green List, a collaboration between TH and domino magazine published in their March issue, we're training the spotlight on fabrics. We picked our favorite lines of textiles, useful for furniture upholstery, wallcoverings

  • Green Clothes from Organic Avenue

    February 5, 10:44 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Style

    Corn, bamboo and hemp clothes. Recycled purses and seaweed fabrics. Vegan "leather" and pesticide-free cotton. Here's a nice little video for you fashion fans out there. They even say "treehugger" a few times, though not in reference to this site. Of

  • Bamboo Furniture from Artek, Heirs to Aalto

    January 31, 8:10 AM by Lloyd Alter in Sustainable Product Design

    "Form is a mystery that defies description but brings people pleasure"-Alvar Aalto. Artek was set up in 1935 to market Aalto's furniture, lamps and textiles, and continues to this day, blending "functionalism with form and sculptural simplicity with the

  • Avita — Sexy Green — Hah!

    January 26, 8:57 AM by Warren McLaren in Sustainable Fashion

    I, for one, can’t see how we can suggest to people that going green can ever be sexy. It just ain’t gonna happen. I mean who would dream of using recycled fabrics and bamboo to make slinky apparel? Ridiculous! And who does Avita’s Amanda Shi think she

  • bambu Introduces Over 20 New Products for 2007

    January 22, 11:02 AM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    We've been consistently impressed with bambu's work ever since we saw their natural utensils and Lacquerware bowls way back in 2004, and their new products in the 2007 collection continue this trend. They've always been great at combining beautiful

  • Bamboo Breakfast Tray & Bath Caddy

    January 20, 9:59 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Sustainable Product Design

    It’s the weekend so why not surprise your honey with a relaxing breakfast in bed? This bamboo breakfast tray found at Red Envelope has collapsible legs that fold under and lock for easy storage. Want to really spice it up? We also found a couple’s

  • Where Should This Furniture Be Sold?

    January 15, 1:42 PM by Collin Dunn in Sustainable Product Design

    We mentioned Studioandolina's bamboo furniture last month, and were impressed with Seattle-based designer Gary Andolina's dedication to using renewable wood sources (he likes bamboo about as much as we do) and his modern, clean designs. Last week, this

  • TreeHugger Picks: Furniture Designs Worth Another Look

    January 12, 12:35 PM by Collin Dunn in Culture

    Part of TreeHugger's mission is to find and promote ideas, products and designers that are doing great work but still flying below the radar. We've published a couple of focused projects, like our Best of TH: Designers (parts one, two, three & four)

  • Offsetting Print Ads by Planting Bamboo

    January 11, 2:17 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Corporate Responsibility

    We've seen so many "green issues" of magazines over the past year, with Town & Country, Domino, Elle and Vanity Fair as the most publicized ones. John Hardy, a jewelry designer who purchased more than 150 pages of advertising in some of these


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