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  • Cool Animated Video: Humans As Virus

    September 9, 2:33 PM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    Humans as a viral infection of earth. Some of you may have suspected that already. Let's hope it is an adolescent thingy that Earth will recover from soon, to live a long and prosperous further life. Let's hope

  • SmogGobs: Threat or Thrill?

    February 23, 1:14 AM by Christine Lepisto in Natural Sciences

    As part of their Try Science initiative, IBM has introduced Power Up, a web site which includes a multiplayer online game based on a cry for help from the planet Helios. Those idiots over at Helios have let their planet be threatened by fossil-fuel

  • The Benefits of Raised Crosswalks

    February 13, 4:46 AM by Sami Grover in Cars

    From Indianapolis to Mexico City, some of the most car-centric cities in the world are realizing that pedestrian friendly planning makes for more pleasant streets. The above animation, from StreetFilms, demonstrates the raised crosswalk - just one of