Yves Béhar's Kada Multi-Functional Flat-Pack Stool and Table

Yves Béhar, the industrial super-designer with the One Laptop Per Child and LEAF LED light for Herman Miller to his credit (among many others), has definitely been following his own advice. When he was featured in Fast Company's Design Issue, he said, "Design is not a short-term fix. It's a long-term engagement that requires you to think about how design affects everything that touches the consumer--from product to packaging to marketing to retail to the take-home experience."

This philosophy is evident in Kada, his flat-packing, multi-functional stool and table
It does a lot with a little, which is one of our favorite ways to approach sustainability; if well-designed objects can do more for you -- like serve as a side table, stool, TV stand, etc. -- you'll need less stuff. We aren't the only ones to like this, either; the design won a Red Dot Design Award in 2007. Hit the jump to see more pics of Kada, including how it folds from flat to functional. ::Yves Béhar, manufactured by ::Danese Milano

Tags: Flat Pack | Furniture | Tables


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