Wretched Excess Dept: a Lamborghini in the Living Room

Koichi Torimura

Some people love their cars, so much that they wish they could be in their living room. But what if you have nine of them? Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida had such a client, who also said "Oh, and the living room needs a tall tree."

So instead of saying that the whole concept is ridiculous, and who needs nine cars in downtown Tokyo where it is impossible to drive anyways, and how am I going to squeeze all this on a 2000 square foot property, he put in an elevator that lifts the car of choice (in this case a Lamborghini Countach) up to the living room as required.

The kids don't get elevators; they get little bedrooom pods that appear to hang from the ceiling; let's get our priorities straight.

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Takuya Tsuchida's client is not alone in this obsession; Autoblog Green points us to Holger Schubert's Brentwood home, where he parks his Maserati in the living room, which is relatively restrained, only one car after all.

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