Who Would Have Thought That My Presso Coffee Maker Is The Most Repairable Thing I Own? (Photos)

© Petz Scholtus

A few weeks ago our non-electric espresso machine broke when my partner tried to make himself a (probably too) strong coffee. We had become big fans of Presso and really enjoyed our daily coffee ceremonies. So when the middle plastic piece broke (everything else is sturdy recycled aluminium) I was afraid I'd have to throw out (or recycle) the whole thing. A quick visit to the Presso web site however showed that all the different parts of the coffee machine are available separately and are easy to replace. In fact, you don't even need a screw driver; just a coin!

© Petz Scholtus

So when the new plunger arrived for $5.86 we replaced it in less than 5 minutes and now it's working perfectly again. I also recommend their milk frother; it makes the best froth ever, electricity-free! Now, all I need is a non-electric coffee bean grinder that is as pleasant to use and as durable as the Presso. I'm sure Presso owner Lloyd and actor Billy Zane would agree!

© Petz Scholtus

Tags: Coffee | Cradle To Cradle | Recycling | Reusability


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