What's Maciel Crystal? Find out at the Moca Cultural Center Eco Design Store

Photos: Paula Alvarado.

Last week we spoke about the Moca Cultural Center, a new space for emerging art in the south of Buenos Aires located inside of a recycled factory and equipped with many of that factory's vintage furniture.

Apart from the green points for rescuing and re-using equipment, the center has some extra credit for its store, curated by green design studio Minima Huella and holding many products we've featured in TreeHugger before plus some new cool names. For example, Grupo Bondi and their 'Maciel Crystal' flower pots.

Take a peek in the extended!The store is not green per se, but aims to feature responsible designers, and because of that many end up being ones that work with recycled or sustainable materials.

Some of the designers on the store include, as mentioned, Minima Huella (the chair on the first post is also by them), Neumatica, and Gruba, all previously featured in TreeHugger.

Glasses from recycled bottles by Minima Huella.

Ornamental lights from recovered jars by Minima Huella.

Bags from tires by Neumatica.

But apart from them, we got a chance to see some work by Argentine design collective Grupo Bondi, which works with a sense of humor to bring attention to more serious situations and materials.

For example, they make these flower pots from melted and colored PET bottles and call the transformed material "Maciel Crystal", where Maciel is the name of a famous shanty town in Buenos Aires. The intended pun is obvious.

They also have these plant pots made from concrete but shaped after PET Coca Cola bottles, which present a contradiction between the idea that the shape automatically gives to your brain and the durable material. The idea, of course, is to use that contradiction to reflect about everyday objects.

Flower pots from PET bottles by Grupo Bondi.

Plant pots from concrete by Grupo Bondi.

Another label we hadn't mentioned in TH before is Jugables, a brand that makes these funny looking things that act as office accessories and toys at the same time. They come in wood and in bonded leather.

Toys from bonded leather by Jugables.

A view of the Moca Cultural Center shop.

As we said before, the Moca Cultural Center is well worth a visit if you're in Buenos Aires.

More at their website:

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