Watch This Brazilian Designer Recycle Wood Into Stunning Pieces (Videos)


Rodrigo Calixto is a young Brazilian designer running Oficina Ethos, a Rio-based furniture firm that works with environmentally responsible sourced and reclaimed wood, in pieces often made with traditional joinery techniques that have grabbed the attention of Wallpaper and the likes. Apart from showing his amazing furniture and art, Calixto has also put together a series of videos showing his craft, which really connect you to the amount of work and care that go into making a piece of artisan furniture. You need to watch.The first video is the making of an art piece called Xilopixel, in obvious reference to the recycled wood cube units used to cover a large picture of a tree. It's really beautiful to see the old scraps come to life as a beautiful picture.

In the second video, Calixto makes a neat stool whose top covering is made with a compose of different kinds of wood in a nice pattern. Not a groundbreaking technique but again, we usually just watch these pieces in dead photos and it's very different experiencing the making of it.

I don't want to go too far, but it's really like connecting to the way food is made. Seeing the amount or work, materials and time it takes to make a furniture piece kind of opens your eyes to make you think two or three times before getting a new one.

Here are some more pieces by Oficina Ethos:

More at their website.

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