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I am in shock. I agreed to be a juror in the Chain of Eco-Homes competition for Greensburg along with a few other outstanding architects, writers, and Greensburg residents and just had a look at the extraordinary quantity and quality of the entries. It is overwhelming; how can we possibly get through all this? Fortunately we have help with the public vote, which counts as an equal juror in the competition. In six days, 16,000 people have voted; Voting closes on the 30th.

Three building technologies have been chosen for this competition, and a winner will be chosen from each. (details of each in a previous post here)

At time of writing, the most popular is the Grasshopper House.

I can understand why; it is a handsome, if restrained, design.

As the site plan notes, it has a vegetable garden, recycling, photovoltaics and more.

I like the pinch in the middle at the stair, bringing lots of natural light into the middle.

The quality of the submissions is extraordinary, far beyond what I expected. Judging it will be a real challenge. Help us out by voting at The Chain of Eco-Homes Competition
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Greensburg: A story of Community Rebuilding

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